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chart js custom legend click event

By default, legend entries are interactive and when clicked they provide a useful action depending on what the entry represents. After the event is triggered, the event related data is passed as a parameter to the assigned event handler. The JSCharting legend is a powerful and fully customizable data grid that allows customizing columns with data attributes and calculations through the use of expressions. In the bellow example we add a new data points for the month of May: This tutorial describes how the legend can be manipulated. Some of the legend features include: The legend can be positioned anywhere around the chart area by setting the legend.position property. { // Label that will be displayed text: string, // Fill style of the legend box fillStyle: Color, // If true, this item represents a hidden dataset. legend: (boolean = false) – if true show legend below the chart, otherwise not be shown . Step1: Create a simple data series chart as explained here : Basics of creating a HTML5 multiple data series Chart Here, i’ve created a simple 3 series chart. legend. When using a position name such as 'topLeft' the legend entries are automatically laid out either vertically or horizontally depending on the position. A callback that is called when a click event is registered on a label item. For example, a pie chart where entries represent slices can highlight or explode the pie slice. An item marker identifies the series color. See https://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/Web/API/CanvasRenderingContext2D/lineCap, // For box border. Legend template property defines columns for a legend that apply to all entries. The default action is to toggle the visibility of the series. For NPM users: ... legend; datalabels; flags; crosshairs; Demo. When a chart.palette property is set with a smartPalette config object, the legend will show a ColorBar by default. Chart.js is a popular open source library that helps us to plot data in web applications. Custom entries can define custom text for columns by adding them to the entry.attributes property. By combining this with the legend events we can create charts that toggle data series visibility on click of corresponding legend items. javascript $ Here, the button is created in html, and an onclick attribute is added. exporting), add

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