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how to repair creative speakers volume control

Fix-7 Run Troubleshooter-If your problem remains unsolved, follow these steps to run the “Playing Audio” troubleshooter which will find any kind of problem-related to Bluetooth driver. It comes with two satellite speakers and one woofer and of course a wired remote volume control. Model: Zika, A Microwave Oven With Many Faults Repaired. } You can also forward this website link to your friends and colleagues-thanks! } Learn how your comment data is processed. Yogesh, nice troubleshooting and repair. So, very ideal for such purposes. Congratulations! After about 10 minutes, the speakers are turned off - the power is still -11 V =. After cake cutting they plan to play music and dance; all the children move to another room where they kept PC and dance program. document.getElementById('af-form-413914580').parentElement.removeAttribute('target'); Right-click on the volume icon located at your taskbar and choose the Sounds option. If you have more questions please share them on comment box. This volume control is having five pins and with a marking of “A103”. It sounds obvious, but ruling out an accidental mute is quick and more commonly an issue than one might think. All you need is some basic soldering skills and how to read the easy schematics… -->, Creative Speakers Volume Control Not Working Repaired. For transformer oil, contact any big establishments or local electrical contractors or staff working in electrical board run by Government. ... my volume control vala speaker is not working some issue with that .....can u help me . I suspect Integrated Circuits. Next day my friend visited my work shop with the speakers. This means the volume control is the cause of the problem. if (document.getElementById("af-form-413914580")) { Repair 2.1 speaker set: Logitech Z 2300 Repair or replacement: Volume is not coming out from the speakers: JBL xtreme power connection help? I don't know the type they have on the case stuck small coolers. When I carefully turn the wheel sometimes the Volume works properly or sometimes with noise or muted one side. After searching in so many radio shack I have managed to arrange one but physically it is not good but I have no choice hence I have replaced it. Audio control from your smart device. I disconnected the satellites and left only the subwoofer. The speakers model is Creative … There the problem turned out to be in the cable between the volume control and the sub woofer. I would love to help you to fix your volume controller.Thank you.pls LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to get update :))HashTags:#Love #Instagood #Me #Tbt #Cute #Follow #Followme #Photooftheday #Happy #Tagsforlikes #Beautiful #Girl #Selfie #Smile #Like4like #Fun #Friends #Summer #Instadaily #Fashion #Igers #Instalike #Food #Swag #Amazing #Awesome #Tflers #Follow4follow #Bestoftheday #Instamood #Likeforlike #Style #Wcw #Family #L4l #Lol #Notifier #F4f #Followforfollow #Life #Pretty #My #Hai r#Sun #Webstagram #Iphoneonly #Tweegram #Repost #Bored #Art #Cool #Instacool #Instafollow #Funy #Instago #All_shots #Followback #Mcm #Girls #Eyes #Party #Christmas #Music #Nature #Night #Beauty #Look #Nice #Beach #Instasize #Sky #Vscocam #Shoutout #Fitness #Hot #Baby #Pink #Sweet #Boyfriend #Cat #Loveit #Throwback #20likes #Colorful #Black #Makeup #Dog #Day #Blue #Instacollage #Photo #Iphonesia #New #Onedirection #Good #Likes #Instalove#Best Open it up, it there's a circuit board check all the components and make sure their wires haven't snapped, solder them if they have. Reply Delete. } @*/false; I managed to get the proper sound when I hold the volume control. WD-40 is sticky and attracts dust and dirt. (function() { phone is barely a year old if that. Sound in Control Panel; Check to see if your speakers are enabled under the Playback tab. if (navigator.userAgent.indexOf('FBIOS') !== -1 || navigator.userAgent.indexOf('Twitter for iPhone') !== -1) { Vice versa. One is stereo for two satellites and the other for subwoofer. I am also having same habit of note down tips and tricks. 16 years so far and still more years to come! I recently bought a dell computer second-hand from my friend, who had XP installed on it. for basic troubleshooting you can use Digital as well analog multimeter, ESR Meter ans of course for SMD testing "Smart Tweezers Digital LCR-meter". All you need to do is increase the volume of the audio on the device you are using to higher levels (as high as possible without getting distortions). Please leave it in the comments. When I pair it via bluetooth to my laptop (Inspiron 7577), [two devices appear][4] on the volume control: 1. var IE = /*@cc_on! I am a student and I purchased Creative Sbs a120 2.1 home theatre 4-5 years back,my wired remote control(the wire in which one end is connected with the pc/laptop/mobile and the other in the woofer and a remote is connected to it to increase or decrease the sound,though not similar like your's,slightly different) is not working and I dont know from where to buy it,I stay in India/West-Bengal/Kolkata.Please kindly suggest me what to do cause I couldn't find a replacement anywhere.Hoping for a positive response. Could you please help me with fixing the M2600 volume control as I am unable to find a replacement and unable to get it repaired. if (document.getElementById("af-footer-413914580")) { On the first one the sound is good but I cannot control the volume via Windows. if (document.getElementById("af-header-413914580")) { just started this problem a few days ago. which are the main testing equipments is useful for me,, example, digital smd tester or anthing do you know, please help me............... your faithfully. Due to dust or something, the Volume Control Wheel does not work properly. Tjis occurred on both windoze 7 and 10. https://www.wikihow.com/Fix-the-Volume-on-Your-Computer-in-Windows The volume control is small and easy to hold on to. SoundCore 2 Stereo 2. if (document.compatMode && document.compatMode == 'BackCompat') { This oil is changed periodically in a heavy duty oil cooled transformer. Thanking You, When the Settings app opens, navigate to the Update & security section. Only by manually going to the speaker … Now apply and work in the same amount of this and your problem with disappear and never reappear for a long, long time. If so, open it, remove/desolder wire, cut off 2 inches, strip the ends and resolder/reattach. document.getElementById("af-body-413914580").className = "af-body inline af-quirksMode"; Some systems also let you adjust the bass level as you desire. Cleaned the inside with isopropyl alcohol sprinkled on a cotton bud. Promoting users to have their cable management skills be at work. Infact after using wuerth anti moisture spray it usually works well. SoundCore 2 Hands-Free AG Audio. Please give a support by clicking  on the social buttons below. This should cause the volume key to function again. This is especially the case when you play your music at a higher volume. Thanks for tip. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up Sir , That way, you’ll never miss a post. In my case a few drops of stinger oil done the job! I have taken apart volume control for inspection and by measuring the resistance; I got 14 k ohm across pin 1 and 5, 11K ohm across pin 2 and 5. ==============================================================. On it, he had installed a form of creative volume control in addition to windows volume. Work it in by turning the knob. There might also be a short that's wiggling when you turn the knob. If your speakers have a separate volume control from your computer, make sure that the volume is dialed into a level at which you can actually hear your speakers. I changed it a 10k POT but dont have any volume control. Remove the knob and apply some of this, about the size of the eye of a needle. Again with your problem you don't know yet whether it is low output on the left channel from the 'volume control' or from the output of the amp in the sub woofer. I was mentioned about Creative Speakers volume controller only on this video But This method will work for all types of Speakers. I know it's not needed but it sure is convienent. This LG LED TV was brought to me with the... // Special handling for facebook iOS since it cannot open new windows (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); After a while my friend came to me and told me the sound coming out from the speakers was not working (distorted) and it worked intermittently. Select from nine different SBX profiles to suit your audio, or customize one according to your needs. Using the Volume Mixer Right click on the Volume Control icon in the notification area and select Open Volume Mixer. ter the party I have asked my friend to bring the speakers to my workshop because I do not have tools with me to repair at that time. I opened the volume control and cleaned it with contact cleaner but without success. Replacing/Repairing Dying Speakers: Should I get these speakers and repair them? This article was prepared for you by Yogesh Panchal who works as a Computer Hardware Engineer in Mumbai India. if (!IE) { return; } The speakers model is Creative 2.1 . Does the volume jump around if you jiggle the wire going into the box and not the knob? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Btw I cannot believe that Creative Inspire P380 still working fine since 2001. Asi po 10 minútach reproduktory vypnú - napájanie je stále -11 V =. well done Mr yogesh , I have one Philips model no MMS model but i used WD40 and it is working well . Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. They have similllar pins., but the are not thesame in wirings.... Another device saved from the dump, Creative is a good brand. After replacing it, I have put the speakers “ON” and I played music, this time I got very good sound. Following this video anyone can make, repair or fix their Speakers Volume controller. Replies. Your feedback on the post is welcome. } Discuss: Creative Inspire T6160 5.1 Multimedia Speaker System Sign in to comment. 1. Solution: While there is a possibility of you being able to fix this issue all by yourself, this does involve opening up the speakers and checking out the wires. Phwoar, volume knobs.Arguably, the best kind of knob. CREATIVE A120 MODEL: MF0412. document.getElementById("af-header-413914580").className = "af-header af-quirksMode"; Desktop speakers with a remote control mean you dont have to walk over to your PC or Mac to make adjustments, as you simply aim the remote and point to customize your sound. Respected Sir, It will cost less than or around $0.50. } (function() { How to Repair/Fix Creative Speaker Volume ControllerHow to Repair/Fix Volume Controller for SpeakersVolume Switch Repair, Prepare and FixThis video was prepared suddenly to help my friends. How to repair Creative A235 speakers volume controll connector pins are dameged ... Creative A235 speakers volume controll connector pins are dameged KHA MILEGI MY NO 9860308234. Hi Yogesh, good repair. The master volume is what is shown on the screen in the taskbar, and volume controllers on hardware, ie a keyboard with volume controller, use the master volume to control the sound from speakers. Fortunately, the volume control cable that connects the speakers to your source is detachable. Check the reviews there on Amazon. Loudspeaker repair: Tweeter problems, damaged crossover? P.S-  If you enjoyed reading this, click here to subscribe to my blog (free subscription). I suppose that there was a lot of dirt inside the potentiometer. If this icon is not located at your taskbar, you can locate Sound settings by opening Control Panel, switching the view to Category and selecting Hardware and Sound >> Sound. phone speaker volume extremely low even with volume up to maximum external speaker barely audible with volume control up to max. I am from Mumbai too. Get more out of Sound Blaster Roar. There are two, probably the same. Does any one knows how to re connect them? Shop for speaker volume control at Best Buy. Press Windows Key + I to open the Settings app. Control of the volume lets you adjust how loud your music is. Sú tam dva, asi rovnaké. But the procedure will be same. Step 2 : Connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer using USB cable and click on "Next", then wait for the program to detect your device. Any ideas? Sound & Audio: Creative sound card, windows 7 compatible volume control? Then put these back and used transformer oil for lubrication. Volume goes to one speaker, and other gets muted. Reply Delete. The volume control on the center speaker has little effect recently. I bought a second hand creative a120 with out any volume control ,do you have a schematic of the wiring ,how is the volume knob integrated ,is it on the input side or the output,I not seen a clear picture on how it wired, CREATIVE A120 MODEL: MF0412. DIY Stereo Volume Control Module(easy): Hello, I am new here at this site and would love to share my projects with everyone who finds them interesting. Satelity som odpojil a nechal iba subwoofer. Select Troubleshoot from the menu on the left. Debashis Banik. Please help! Right click on Windows Explorer and click Restart. if (document.getElementById("af-body-413914580")) { Hisense 50″ Smart TV Struck By Lightning Repaired, A Drill Battery Charger Shorted Out, Maintained And Repaired, A Hair Dryer That Produces Burning Smell Repaired, Backlight Replaced And LED Driver Bypassed In LG LED TV MODEL 32LF561D-TF, Welding machine power on but does not weld repaired. Here I have uploaded this video for my all friends on Internet. document.getElementById("af-footer-413914580").className = "af-footer af-quirksMode"; Thanks for comment. I have cleaned many pots with this, with success, without opening it out. This means the volume control is the cause of the problem. })(); Yogesh I have a similar problem with my creative 2.1. Discuss: Creative Inspire T2900 - speaker system - For PC - wired Series Sign in to comment. Now when i press button "volume up" speaker makes "beep", and the volume does not change, only when it "0" then it mutes. How to Repair/Fix Creative Speaker Volume Controller - YouTube Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Required fields are marked *. hello dear sir, i am big fan of your articles, currently i am learning laptop chip level repair. In windows 10 the problem is little different, according to some Windows 10 users they’re unable to open the Sound Control bar from the taskbar. (I have Windows 10 nootebook with internal bluetooth card) Then I did 1803 update. ... guitar pedal via usb to act as a midi controller while also being plugged into a power strip and into the usb powered audio interface via jack. This could be considered a work around, but not a fix. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 103 means it is a 10 K ohm value potentiometer (POT). This application makes tasks such as setting up a multiple modular speaker system, Room Calibration and selecting various Sound Modes for your Creative D3xm or D5xm wireless speakers a real breeze. Yamaha YST MS50 repair issues. Thankyou sir for the cleaning idea.I cleaned it with Germ protection wipes and it started working fine after long years. The Sound Blaster Control Panel is a must-have software application for you to calibrate and customize every aspect of the Sound Blaster Roar's audio settings when it is connected to your PC or Mac via USB, letting you get the most out of your speaker's audio. Your email address will not be published. This oil may not have any sediments. Your email address will not be published. This way I have solved the problem of intermittent distorted sound. I have come across this problem in creative PC speaker system used by me. Thanks for your comment, i did it before with WD40 but pot's metal wipers arms from inside are damaged due to heavy dust particles hence i have replaced the POT. Can u help me? Here are the easy steps to fix iPhone call volume low bug without data loss: Step 1 : Launch the iOS Repair tool on your Mac or Windows computer and choose "Standard Mode" on the home page. I managed to get the proper sound when I hold the volume control. The number of wires can be varied. And certainly the most enjoyable part of any decent audio gear - you can tell a lot about an amplifier or DAC by the texture and rotation quality of it’s primary enloudener.. Once you have taken apart this volume control you cannot fix it again and you have to dispose it. Also, I found the comments by S Ramachandran and Parasuraman S valuable and have put them in my bag of tricks. Neviem typ majú na púzdro prilepené malé chladiče. After a while my friend came to me and told me the sound coming out from the speakers was not working (distorted) and it worked intermittently. Check if you are facing the same problem with the Volume control or not. } He also drunk, but after about half an hour. Thank you all. Now it works like a charm. Any way to fix the power/volume control on Creative Gigaworks T20 (II)? This particular project was inexpensive and easy to make. Can't hear phone calls, media or ringtones or alarms. In the right pane, select Hardware and Devices and click the Run the troubleshooter button. As I write this, I've cleaned it … It came with a subwoofer and a set of 4 regular speakers. On a holiday with my family I have visited to one of my friend’s home for his son’s birthday party and children are enjoying very much. I believe the driver is integrated. Go for the next fix if you are still facing the same problem. Windows 10 volume control not working issue is one of the common problems that come with every Windows operating system. Thank you. You are right Humberto creative have good output and clarity. All used to work great, I was able to control volume from Windows, it was independent from the physical control on the speaker. Jeden je stereo pre dva satelity a druhý do mostíka pre subwoofer. Alternately You can attach Power wires together and the other with together, that will also work to get sound.My shown method is very cheap to prepair. It worked well. Tak isto vypal, ale asi po 1/2 hodine.Podozrievam Integrované obvody. It is very difficult for me to find this type of POT. I opened the volume control by prying on its holding pins carefully. It is also indicated on the volume control where each stereo 3.5mm port goes. You would then use the volume controls on the speakers to turn down the volume again to level the volume of the audio to previous levels. Now I have decided to replace the volume control. })(); Here is a link which details a similar but slightly different problem with a X210. The windoze 10 computer is a dell and has the 3 sound jacks for the speakers. Can you send me one ?

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