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aquasana vs pelican

Intended Use: Whole house (other options available) Price: $599 – $1935. The Rhino’s pre-filter removes sediment like dust and rust; the water conditioner removes scale; the copper-zinc and mineral stone filter reduces heavy metals and chlorine, and inhibits algae growth; the activated carbon filter removes chemicals like pesticides and herbicides; and the post-filter removes any leftover sediment and organic matter. The Pelican water filtration system has a filter capacity of 1,500 gallons of water, equating to approximately 6 to 12 months depending on your usage. The ease of maintenance and simple filter changes make these Aquasana systems very easy to live with – the greatest benefit over the Pelican Water whole house water filters reviewed below. Pelican Water Systems is a salt free water treatment system company that was founded in 2007. For Efficiencies, we compare Aquasana vs. pelican filtration capacity per cartridge and also the flow rate. ], Virtually maintenance free, the PC600 filtration system has a 600,000 gallon. Aquasana vs Pelican Water was the question we set out to answer, but this decision will come down to your needs and your budget. From the state of the art water quality, to the ease of installation, to their outstanding customer service. Why are Berkey Water Filters Banned in California? "width": "450", However, the difference really is relatively minor, and with both brands offering such exceptional water filtration solutions, you’ll certainly be happy with any of the filtered water systems mentioned in this review. The Pelican Combo PSE1800 is a combined whole house water filtration system and descaler. Founded in 1977, Aquasana is a company based out of Austin, Texas that specializes in water treatment and filtration systems. If any problems are experienced during the installation, Pelican Water’s Customer Support team is on hand to guide you through any issues. "name": "Water tech advice", They also have a similar range of products and services that do the same thing. With pre-filter, main filtration tank and descaler units all in the same bundle, the PSE1800 thoroughly treats the water to your whole house, meaning that clean, filtered water comes from every tap. "sameAs": Berkey vs Reverse Osmosis Systems. Aquasana uses a range of different filter media in its separate stages of filtration. It has a flow rate of up to 7 GPM. Benefits or Disadvantages compared to Pelican, Pelican Water is not as large a household name as Aquasana, but their drive to produce. The sediment pre filter media traps contaminants bigger than 25 microns, like dirt and rust, in its pores, while the GAC carbon filters ensure chlorine and lead-free water by trapping the contaminants in the adsorption process. The PSE1800 incorporates wireless features, which allows users with a smartphone to pull up guides, manuals, instructions and maintenance information from their device when next to the unit, making maintenance and troubleshooting tasks very simple. Akin to Aquasana, there are a number of different filter media used in the Pelican whole house filter, including a pre-sediment filter with 5-micron pores to trap larger contaminants, a granulated activated carbon media, which uses the process of adsorption to bind contaminants to the filter surface, and a KDF zinc-copper media that exchanges electrons with harmful contaminants. COPYRIGHT © 2021 WaterFilterGuru.com | All Rights Reserved. If you need to review the best rated water filtration systems, get started by watching this quick intro video to whole house water filtration now: Compare high-capacity whole house water filters. Aquasana whole house water filters are more costly vs Pelican Water. Opinions on Aquasana and Pelican whole house filters. If you are working with a tighter budget but want to improve the water quality in your home. In terms of performance, this whole house filter definitely gives you a lot for your money, with a filter, purifier and descaler in one. Where you might expect a shower head water filter to be mounted below the shower head, Pelican have cleverly moved their filter media so that it stands above the shower outlet so that it does not take up room within the shower enclosure. Both the water treatment systems by these companies are at par in their own field. If you are looking for a reliable, high-performance solution to poor water quality, the best whole house water filter will be the Aquasana OptimH20 with optional UV module. Aquasana vs Pelican Water Filters Comparison. As mentioned above, Pelican’s NSF certification guarantees quality performance when it comes to specific contaminant removal. "headline": "Aquasana vs Pelican", Reviews and Comparisons of Whole House Water Filters Learn how to compare whole house water filters. I cannot believe I waited this long to invest in the Pelican whole home water filtration and softener system! Tags: filter aquasana filters. 1.10 Pelican 3-Stage ; 1.11 Brondell H2O+ Coral UC300 Three-Stage; 1.12 Aquasana Claryum 2-Stage (AQ 5200) 1.13 Pelican 2-Stage; 2 Honorable Mentions. Whole house water filtering is the best solution for anyone looking to benefit from clean drinking water all around their home, and not just from their faucets. Comparing Aquasana vs Pelican water filtration systems for under counter systems, the Pelican 3-stage water filter is about as similar as it gets. We firmly believe that a water filter must be matched to the specific needs of every home. Or any other company really. RECENT POSTS. How Do Reverse Osmosis Water Filters Work? Aquasana’s under sink filtration system will provide a means of accessing clean city water for a maximum of 6 months before you need to buy replacement filters. WaterFilterGuru.com content is free. Some customers felt that the Pelican needed a design refresh as it is too big and bulky to tilt and move to your requirements, and others felt that the installation instructions were a little confusing. Aquasana and Pelican are two incredibly popular water filter brands in the US, and their whole house water filters are currently some of the leading offerings in the water filtration market. Pelican Water Systems is another respected brand that produces high-end … }, The filter costs around $60 for a two-pack replacement. You should see a major improvement in water quality when using the Aquasana under sink water treatment system, which is NSF certified for Standards 42, 53, 401 + P473. Customers enjoyed the Aquasana for its high-quality filtration and good water flow, and the majority of users found the system simple to install. Some customers found the included faucet a little flimsy for their liking and others were annoyed with the price of replacement filters. This is unsurprising given that Aquasana are a premium house water filter brand, but it means they have to perform highly to compete with newer, more economical entrants to the market like the PSE1800 reviewed later in this article. Replacement filters are a little more expensive vs Aquasana’s, costing $50. Pelican Water Systems. The Reviews Are In. This water filtration system has an 800-gallon capacity and a 44% faster water flow. "https://www.facebook.com/Water-Tech-Advice-2265010653562777/", Pelican and Aquasana are two of the leading shower filter manufacturers, and two of the names that often appear in our shower filter guides. Aquasana vs Pelican Water Filters Comparison. The Aquasana shower filter removes chlorine from water, removing more than 90% of the chemical with its coconut shell carbon filtration for improved air quality during showering. The Pelican water filter uses a three-stage filtration process with media made from a sediment pre filter at 25 microns, followed by two catalytic GAC (granular activated) carbon filters. Customers were happy with the Pelican’s ease of installation and its ability to remove chlorine and chloramines. The Rhino uses a sediment pre filter to remove sand, rust and sediments before the water is run through a copper-zinc filter which captures chlorine, heavy metals and scale while preventing bacteria and algae growth within the system. Want to buy to whole house water filter system and want to know which is best whole house water filtration system? Aquasana’s range is designed to be adapted to the needs of your home, and their filters can be installed with optional ultraviolet and post-filters, as well as a conditioner so that the water from your tap is great tasting and fresh, no matter how it enters your home. The company, headquartered in Deland, Florida, specializes in … SoftPro Elite Water Softener Review 2021; Benefits or disadvantages compared to Aquasana, For anyone looking for an economical shower filter that allows them to improve water quality while keeping costs low, the, If you are looking for a subtle unit to fit within a smaller space, or a shower head filter that isn’t going to interrupt your showering experience we would recommend the, If you are looking for a reliable, high-performance solution to poor water quality, the best whole house water filter will be the Aquasana, If you’re looking for a filter and softener combo solution then. is unbeatable for the price. About Us | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Terms and Conditions. The Aquasana Rhino comes in two different capacities depending on your filtration requirements – 600, 000 gallons for 6 years of filtration, and 1, 000, 000 gallons for 10 years of filtration. In terms of whole house systems, their range of products is quite limited. Jonathan Efficiencies Filters 10,000 gallons per cartridge at 2.5 gpm. The Pelican Water products reviewed here are missing some of the smaller features vs the Aquasana models, but the company’s willingness to back their products with lifetime warranties shows their confidence in the products they sell. If you buy the Pelican 600,000 for around $800, you will need to replace the filter after 5 years; the Pelican 1,00,000, costing just over $1,000, has a higher filter capacity and should last you more than double this time. However, we are confident that whatever water quality issues you face, you will receive the highest level of care and service from both Aquasana and Pelican Water, leaving you with a water filter you can enjoy for years to come. The salt free technology ensures that water does not feel soapy or slippery from the taps, whilst preventing scale build up within the plumbing systems in your home. With its unique upflow design, the Aquasana’s media is unable to channel and clog, which helps to retain a decent water pressure while increasing the water contact time in the filter, helping to produce the cleanest water possible. Pelican Water’s whole house water filtration systems are stylish in their design and backed by a strong guarantee for even the most expensive parts. They are building a reputation for honesty and quality which they are rightly proud of. So far this article has tried to answer the question: which is the best whole house water filtration system? The system mostly targets chlorine, which can affect skin and hair health during showering. This doesn’t mean it has an official certification, though. { Here is a quick comparison between Pelican vs Aquasana. Customers praised the Aquasana countertop filter system for improving water taste and making it safer to drink, and being easy to install. I’ll be covering everything you need to know in this comparison review. Again, each of the filter cartridges inside the system use something called Claryum® technology, which involves an activated carbon filtration media, a catalytic carbon media, an ion exchange media, and a sub-micron filtration media. Aquasana’s answer to under sink filtration is the 3-stage max flow system. Furthermore, all systems produced by Aquasana are manufactured with the safety of the environment in mind, the components being engineered for minimal waste. "author": "David Trinh", With three stages of water filtration, the Pelican shower filter has a copper and zinc media, a GAC (granular activated carbon) filtering media, and far-infrared emitting volcanic media. Industry-leading results for your peace of mind. The lifespan of the Aquasana’s filter depends on your water usage, but it lasts for 400 gallons of water, which equates to roughly 6 months. Nothing Added. Aquasana and Pelican are both huge brands in the world of water filtration, so we have reviewed some of their most popular water filtration systems to see who’s really coming out on top and which model offers you, the customer, best value. Although some of the smaller touches found in Aquasana allude to the brand’s long history in the water filter market, Pelican water have shown that even as a newer brand in the market they can provide effective products and excellent service to back them up. Both have products that are covered by a limited lifetime warranty and a money-back guarantee, both offer customer service that the majority of people are happy with, both offer a satisfaction guarantee of some sort, and both have high-quality products that give customers the peace of mind they’re looking for with a filtered water system. The OptimH20 by Aquasana is a whole house water filter that not only provides excellent drinking water, but is packed with features to help make your life easier and ensure your filtration system stays working effectively for years. The majority of customers were happy with the ease of installation of the Pelican system, and noticed an immediate improvement in their water quality. It is inevitable that with such great testing results and continuous development, Pelican Water will soon be right at the top of the marketplace alongside Aquasana, if they continue to provide great products with great customer care as they have been doing. The system is simple to install and comes with its own included faucet. Should You Buy a Kinetico Water Softener? "https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYyS0qDCbXPWHmcrCVJ4DSw" "@type": "Article", For anyone looking for an economical shower filter that allows them to improve water quality while keeping costs low, the PSF-1 from Pelican is undoubtedly the choice. The Pelican shower filter system has a desirable feature compared to the Jonathan and the Aquasana shower filter systems which have higher capacity of 15000 gallons of water. It has an average flow rate of 8 GPM, just beating the Aquasana whole house filter, with a peak flow rate of 12 GPM. You can also rest easy with the peace of mind that the manufacturer will always be on hand to help if you run into difficulties, and the optional DIY installation kits give you further opportunity to save money while protecting your family’s well being. As for the pre-filters in both whole house water filters, they last up to 3 months, while the post-filters have a 6-month average lifespan. waterfilterguru.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. A single filter within the body simply lifts out, making maintenance a breeze, and filtration down to 0.5 microns reduces levels of lead, cysts, chlorine and chloramines while maintaining a flow rate of up to 8 gallons a minute. They use proven filtration technology and are continually adding new features to their ranges to improve performance and the user experience. View original. "height": "150", A LED traffic light system shows the status of the unit, giving you an early warning when your filter is nearing replacement and ensuring that your water quality never dips. Some customers experienced issues with pre-soaking the carbon media, and others had leaking problems after first installing the system. Aquasana Rhino Whole House Water Filter System, Pelican Premium Whole House Water Filter System. Aquasana’s take on the popular shower filter systems is its Premium Shower Head Water Filter. Aquasana Vs Pelican. When you make a purchase through referral links on our site, we earn a commission at no extra cost to you. Looking at the Pelican vs Aquasana filters side-by-side, there’s a lot for each brand to boast about – but what exactly makes these whole house water filtration solutions different from one another? The system has a flow rate of 1.5 GPM, which is a little lower than the Aquasana, but still relatively good for a shower head filter. Achieving Gold Standard certification is a sign of the quality of Aquasana products and with high performing water filters like the 1 million gallon Rhino, Aquasana have earned their place at the front of the market. The Pelican shower filter is designed to remove up to 96% of chlorine from water and lasts for more than 700 10-minute showers.

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