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essay on cyclone fani

Several coastal areas of Odisha including parts of north coastal Andhra Pradesh received heavy rainfall at the time of Cyclone Fani making landfall. The storm hit Puri city in Odisha state with heavy rain and wind speeds exceeding 130 mph, equivalent to a Category 4 hurricane. A powerful cyclonic storm named Fani (pronounced Foni) is headed towards the Odisha coast.. Cyclone Fani made landfall on the Bay of Bengal coast of India about 8 a.m. local time on Friday, May 3. People across South Asia are assessing the trail of destruction left by Cyclone Fani after the rare summer cyclone ripped through eastern parts of India and Bangladesh. It is not just a severe cyclone but an “extremely severe cyclone”. Cyclone Fani. Cyclones are not new to Odisha. Fani is not just a severe cyclone but an “extremely severe cyclone”. Fani, a rare summer cyclone in the Bay of Bengal, hit eastern India on 3rd May. Essay on recent cyclone fani 100 words 2 See answers ... Cyclone Fani wreaks havoc in Odisha and its adjoining areas. Cyclone Fani will be the second storm to form in April and cross the mainland. Cyclone Fani is the first cyclone to be categorised “severe” by the Indian meteorological department since Cyclone Mala made landfall in Myanmar in 2006. Tropical cyclones in the Bay of Bengal are graded according to maximum wind speeds at their centre. The worst one, a super cyclone had hit the state in 1999, killing more than 15,000 people, with most of the casualty being reported from Odisha. It is one of the strongest cyclones to have hit India in the last 20 years, according to the Indian Government’s meteorological department.Storm surges and powerful winds reaching 125mph blew off roofs, damaged power lines and uprooted countless trees. Life remained paralysed on Saturday, a day after ‘extremely severe’ cyclonic storm Fani, ripped through eight districts of Odisha. The weather forecast on 29th April, 2019 morning was that over the next 24 hours, it could even turn into a “very severe” cyclonic storm. Extremely Severe Cyclonic Storm Fani (/ ˈ f ɒ n iː /) was the strongest tropical cyclone to strike the Indian state of Odisha since the 1999 Odisha cyclone.The second named storm and the first severe cyclonic storm of the 2019 North Indian Ocean cyclone season, Fani originated from a tropical depression that formed west of Sumatra in the Indian Ocean on 26 April. New Delhi, May 02: As Fani, an 'extremely severe' cyclonic storm approaches Odisha coast is expected to cross Odisha coast between Gopalpur and … Even as cyclone Fani made landfall on Friday morning near Puri in Odisha, various states took measures on a … Expected to generate storms with wind speeds as high as 200 km per hour, it has the potential to cause widespread damage in Odisha and neighbouring states. Severe inundation was reported from several areas in the region. CYCLONE (FANI) Genesis of cyclones is a complex phenomenon which is initiated by a tropical depression which can grow into a tropical storm and a severe or very severe storm based on the available cyclone heat potential in the ocean. Sufficiently warm weather can result in a higher rate of evaporation and pumps moisture into the cyclone. How states battled biggest cyclone in 20 years. The Extremely Severe Cyclonic Storm ‘FANI’ made landfall on the Odisha Coast south of Puri on 3 May, 2019 and the eye of the system was completely … The last severe cyclone 'Nargis' in 2008 devastated Myanmar.

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