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kreg deck jig vs camo

K4 and K5 are the latest pocket hole jigs from the manufacturer. The CAMO Edge Deck Fastening System works on any treated lumber, hardwood, cedar, composite, or PVC deck board and offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty that guarantees against rust and corrosion for the life of the project. The Cortex Hidden Fastening System is the fastest, easiest way to hide fasteners in composite, wood, and PVC decking boards. Continuously drive the fastener at one speed until the setting tool disengages on its own. Get Notified About New Articles, GREAT DEALS on Home Goods, Videos & Product Reviews. ... CAMO Marksman Narrow Board Tool positions CAMO deck screws for side-angle entry to the deck board. Installation of Ipe Clip hidden deck fasteners with a 1/4 in. Ipe hidden deck fasteners deliver a fastener free, clean deck surface at a competitive price compared with other deck fasteners. Apply construction adhesive to the joist. Foreman Pocket-Hole Machine. The outdoor screws are blue and coated with a special coating to keep them from rusting in weather. I've done hidden fastener decks using the Kreg version of this jig before, replacing boards isn't hard at all. Dual screw guides fasten both sides of board with single tool placement. Kreg Jig® Drill Guide Block. 316 Stainless Steel Trimhead Deck Screw (350-Count) The CAMO Edge Deck Fastening System works The CAMO Edge Deck Fastening System works on any treated lumber, hardwood, cedar, composite or PVC deckboard. The upgrade came in place for the driver bit or more to the point the locking collar. Trex Hideaway hidden deck fasteners are also designed to work with the Trex Steel Frame System. There are many different types of pocket hole jigs available in the market (Check Kreg K4 vs K5 here!). For jobs that are faster, easier, and better, install CAMO’s superior clips and screws, lock-in rows boards with the LEVER board-bending tool, and fasten from your feet with DRIVE. Available in a hand driven or pneumatic gun installation method, Spacer tabs on the clip automatically gap the decking 3/16” for a consistent look. We Update Weekly & It’s All Completely FREE. If you take your time, the added labor can result in a tighter fit. The wood will be 3/4" thick. Position the jig over the joist and release the handle. Specifically designed to work with 5/4 inch thick deck boards, the TC-G fasteners feature sharp prongs that embed into the groove of the deck board for superior holding power and a lasting connection between the decking and joist. While they may look similar; their quality varies widely. Ipe clips come is different sized boxes for different sized jobs so make sure you buy enough for whatever size deck your building. Both are used […] The benefit of grooving your own boards is that you can make the groove however you like. While your standards nails or deck screws won’t affect spacing, fasteners for hidden screw systems like Camo or Kreg Jig will have set spacing with their installation tools that may not be able to be adjusted. Alternative to pocket hole screws. Cortex Hidden Fastening System: This system is different from most other hidden decking fastening systems because it doesn’t involve clips installed between deck boards. Hello,I am planning to buy a pocket hole jig, mostly to add a piece to a face frame while still attached to the cabinet. Home › Camo Screws › Kreg deck jig: Kreg deck jig. Hidden in the side of the board, the patented CAMO deck screws create a beautiful, fastener-freedeck surface. They leave a nice clean finish without ugly screw heads showing all over the place. prev next. thru 1? The Kreg Deck Jig™ creates an incredibly strong wood-to-wood bond through precisely-placed self-tapping screws. The system includes: CAMO Edge Deck fasteners were independently tested and exceeded Uplift Resistance and Thermal Cycling industry standards in all solid and grooved wood, composite, and PVC boards tested. I have seen some of the "hidden" fastener methods that supply a jig/template that allows you to drive in on the diagonal to eliminate exposed fasteners (Kreg deck jig, for example). Designed to easily attach treated lumber, hardwood, cedar, composite or PVC deck boards directly to the deck frame, creating a beautiful, fastener-free deck surface. John We purchased a standard kit that contained the Kreg jig shown, the special clamp and the stepped drill bit with a stop collar and square driver bit. I have a most favorable opinion of Kreg tools generally, however in the Deck Jig they might have missed the mark just a little bit. There’s nothing like premium decking to add the perfect finishing touch to a beautiful outdoor living space. For what it's worth, I couldn't imagine doing the entire deck in the Cortex. It’s important to note that grooved boards don’t have a standard groove size. Awesome. Installing the Eb-Ty Premium Hidden Deck Fastening system is a simple, easy to learn process. The Cortex plugs will weather to the same tone as the matching composite decking. You can also router the edges of solid deck boards yourself to create a slot that accepts hidden deck fasteners. The clip’s sharp prongs embed into the upper portion of the groove for strong holding power. A Decker, Jul 21, 2015 #1. Features and specifications of Kreg KJDECKSYS Jig: It will help to hide all the screws and nails on the deck. Make sure the Ipe clip stays level and flat. The Camo hidden deck fastener is one of our favorites to work with. Using the Trex Hideaway Hidden Deck Fastening system is a simple, easy to learn process. Cam locks in place for true hands free “one man” operation. Strong – This steel tool is built to last. The Marksman Pro is basically a jig that makes sure your screws go in perfect every time and that the deck boards are always spaced correctly. The types of fasteners you choose can also affect deck spacing. Create a better, more beautiful deck Create a better, more-beautiful deck with the Kreg® Deck Jig™. The CONCEALoc Hidden Fastener System is designed for installation of edge-grooved planks, ensuring a smooth, safe, and attractive deck surface. Fitting each deck board side to side with the Ipe fastener assures even 1/4 in. For a completely fastener-free surface, use with our Cortex System for stairs, first, last and perimeter boards, For edge mount grooved or slotted hardwood deck boards ensuring a smooth surface, Lab tested to be up to 3X stronger than other edge mount systems without steel inserts, Molded polypropylene with hardened stainless steel insert for added hold-down, Polypropylene provides UV and chemical resistance; black oxide coated steel insert resists corrosion, Integrated gap spacer leg automatically spaces deck boards at 1/4 in. Hi Ken. Comes with a 25-year warranty. If you have any questions or comments e-mail us any time. ? The TC-G clips works in pre-grooved decking planks or non-grooved decking planks using our TC-150 slot cutter (sold separately). That grooved edge is for use with a hidden deck fastening system. They even sell a bit for making the grooves yourself if your decking has a solid edge. Once both screws are installed squeeze the handle and release the clamp. Custom Pocket-Hole Plug Cutter. 99 Kreg KJDECKSYS Pocket Hole Jig System Kit with SDK-C2W-700 Number 8 x 2" Coarse Protec-Kote Deck Screw, 700ct 4.3 out of 5 stars 21 Slide adjoining deck board onto exposed EB-TY Premium radius sides. The Kreg jig itself is flimsier and harder to work with, but we still prefer working with this system over a clip system. There are a lot of options out there but I ended up choosing the Kreg Deck Jig. This patented deck clip is camouflaged between gaps, keeping the fastener concealed. The Tiger Claw TC-G Hidden Fastener system by FastenMaster is ACQ-compliant and compatible with grooved boards including Trex, Fiberon, Wolf, Veranda, Brazilian Redwood, Ipe, Ironwood, Teak, Cambara, and more. Simply squeeze the handle and move the Camo Marksmen into position. Make sure to push hard into the groove as far as the clip will go and screw into the center of the joist. Some say linear ft. and some square feet. This comes in handy when working with real wood since they generally don’t come with pre-cut grooves. we just did a deck with the CAMO system, It did not seem to go to bad, but i am curious to see how it weathers. A Kreg Jig is an investment, though it doesn't have to be a large one. Make sure to center each clip on a corresponding joist. Use an Ipe decking wrench to straighten boards as you screw the clips in. wide deck boards, Works in conjunction with CAMO edge fasteners, Offers more points of contact for optimal performance, Works on treated lumber, hardwood, cedar and composite, Works on treated lumber, hardwood, composite or PVC deck board, Fastener-free deck surface is easy to install, Built-in shoulder prevents over-driving the screw. These plugs create a smooth floor surface without clips. See more ideas about Nails and screws, Screws, Pocket hole. Use the TigerClaw Router Bit to create the perfect side-groove in one easy motion. You can buy a Kreg Jig system for about $40 to about $200. The Kreg jig is not a closed system as the CAMO system is, so you will be able to use any kind of screw with it. Ryluer, Sep 15, 2015 #12. Kreg Deck Jig is worth a look, sets pocket holes in the board edge so the screw clamps down on the board with threads only in the joist. Great feed back Al. Just push the decking board in place and screw down the clips. The tool features a unique nose piece that holds clips in the correct position every time, firing a screw nail (scrail) through the clip into the joist – fastening the deck board to the joist in one step. The Kreg jig also requires a pre-drilling bit which has a depth stop collar. at my local Menards right now for some reason. Decking can be installed with a lot more than just nails and screws these days. Standard Deck vs. Kreg Deck Get the deck you want, without any unsightly exposed nails or screws. A Review of the Kreg Deck Jig Concealed Fastening System A couple of days ago I had an opportunity to spend a day couple of days with the Kreg Deck Jig System.This is a relatively new product that allows users to install ? Type 300 series stainless-steel plate reinforces EB-TY Premium, providing greater structural strength, increased holding power and pullover resistance, Black-painted 6-lobe trim-head screw provides a concealed finish, blends in with EB-TY fastener, Includes patent-pending EB-GUIDE and impact-ready drill bit for more precise fastening to joist, ensuring the proper fastening angle. CAMO deck screws and a CAMO Marksman tool combine to deliver a fastener-free deck surface at a competitive price compared with other hidden deck fasteners. One Person Operation – Can be used as push OR pull depending on the situation. The Kreg jig is not a closed system as the CAMO system is, so you will be able to use any kind of screw with it. Gently tap the deck plug into the cored hole until the plug is flush with the deck surface. Hidden deck fasteners secure the deck boards from beneath the surface, creating a clean look that’s as smooth as hardwood flooring. Locks into place so you can hammer the nails. Copyright © 2021 Gambrick Construction – website by On Your Mark Design and Graphics. Free shipping on order of $50 or more anywhere in the U.S. (under 150 pounds). September 7, 2013 at 9:01 pm #40767. The Kreg jig also requires a pre-drilling bit which has a depth stop collar. Once released the clamps grab the deck board, holding the jig in place. The question will arise: can’t I just use regular wood screws? Trex also offers a starter clip for use along the house wall and front edges of your deck, where you won’t be able to fit a standard Hideaway clip. Choose from a variety of sizes, right angle clamps, corner clamps, bar clamps, and more. Adaptable and versatile, the FastenMaster Tiger Claw TC-G Hidden Deck Fasteners are the ideal choice for attaching a wide majority of grooved decking material. Install the first deck board with a Trex Hideaway starter clip. Timbertech manufactures the Concealoc hidden deck system to work with its XLM, Earthwood Evolutions, Twin Finish and Azek grooved deck boards. The TC-G reduces wood splitting, wood rot and board cupping. It is important that the Cortex screw is driven perpendicular to the deck, with two screws per joist. (133mm) to 5-3/4 in. Although Kreg is known as the gold standard for pocket hole jigs, there are still valid reasons for choosing one of the other brands on our list. Install the first and other edge boards by screwing and countersinking directly through the face of the Ipe decking and into the joist. gap, Hidden inside board gaps creating fastener-free deck surfaces, Installed on 1 side of boards only for natural expansion and contraction of boards. A Decker New Member. KIAB Super Member. Use either a Concealoc L bracket or Cortex screw with matching plug for the edge boards. You can purchase stainless steel or coated screws in 1-7/8″ for 5/4 decking and 2-3/8″ for 2×6 decking. You really should use Kreg screws in the pocket holes that your Kreg jig creates. Kreg Jig® K4. That's not a great deal extra for the long-term accuracy and durability that has made Kreg … R3-Promo Kreg R3 Jig Pocket Hole Kit With Free Classic Clamp Pack-In. This Bow tool takes out the bow so you can make a nice clean deck with boards space matching. NJ Businesses. Hidden deck fasteners are by far our favorite was of securing the decking. This is a very easy Hidden Deck Fastening System to use. ? Hidden deck fasteners can be used with composite, vinyl, cedar, ipe or just about any other decking material you want. Deck screws should be drilled at a 45° angle down through the fastener, then into the board bottom groove edge and into the joist. I remember noting that the Camo screws (in your other post) resembled the Split Stop screws I've used. FastenMaster also guarantees: The Cortex plugs will not rise above the deck surface. Thanks, Marcus MarcusG, 18 Jun 2020 #1. This product comes with a 25 year warranty. Camo Screws *Next working day from just £9.99 if ordered before 10am Mon-Thurs. Homeowners get a clean, high end, and smooth deck surface. Board Bender – Almost all natural deck wood slats come with a bow to the left or to the right. The TC-G Hidden Deck Fastening System by Tigerclaw has been specifically designed to work in 5/4” decking boards. This oval shaped biscuit type hidden deck fastener is made from super strong polypropylene plastic. Make sure when installing deck boards you push hard to maintain an even deck spacing. Standard Deck vs. Kreg Deck Get the deck you want, without any exposed nails or screws. The new EB-TY Premium Hidden Deck-Fastening System is the ideal solution that blends strength with ease of installation in a fastener that won’t detract from the deck’s finished appearance. You won’t be able to use the Marksmen Pro to secure the first board, which is against the house, because there isn’t enough room for the jig to fit. The Marksman Pro is basically a jig that makes sure your screws go in perfect every time and that the deck boards are always spaced correctly. CONCEALoc hidden fasteners are engineered to set directly into the side grooves of your composite decking without penetrating the capstock and then is solidly attached into the deck joist with a stainless steel screw (screws included). All Kreg Deck screws feature a KTX #1 Square Drive to reduce cam-out, a flat-bottom head which resists splitting, and a self-tapping tip which drills its own hole as it’s driven. Positioning the jig correctly also makes sure deck boards are evenly spaced. Installing the Conceloc Hidden Deck Fastening system by Timbertech is a simple, easy to learn process. Hidden deck fastening system by Camo. 1 Box covers 50 square feet and 1 Bucket can cover 500 square feet. Because Simpson Strong-Tie has redesigned the award-winning EB-TY Hidden Deck-Fastening System by integrating a Type 300 series stainless-steel reinforcing plate that adds stiffness to hold boards in place securely, yet maintains flexibility when seasonal contraction and expansion occur. Additionally, what concealed fixings do you use for timber deck boards? The Concealoc hidden deck fastening system by Timbertech is designed to easily attach grooved Timbertech or Azek deck boards directly to the deck frame, creating a beautiful, fastener-free deck surface. You won’t be able to use the TC-G clip to secure the first board which is against the house so it has to be screwed in. Drill Guide Spacer Blocks. The concept is simple, but the precisely engineered drill guide (the jig), drill bit and pocket screws are what make the system so easy and foolproof. All Kreg Deck screws feature a KTX #1 Square Drive to reduce cam-out, a flat-bottom head which resists splitting, and a self-tapping tip which drills its own hole as it’s driven. With a pocket hole jig system, it is equally super easy to repair that specific workpiece. Everyone who has replied is using a Kreg jig which should probably be your answer chippie244, Sep 15, 2015 #11. Positions CAMO Edge Fasteners to create a fastener-free surface, Use on 5-1/4 in. Decking tool for one-person straightening of deck boards, 24-inch handle closes 2-inch gaps; joins tongue and groove; can push or pull, Custom size or adjustable size grippers available from manufacturer. Having an Ipe deck wrench with you when your building a deck is an invaluable tool to have on the job. The insert firmly holds decking to joists for a prolonged hold-down. *Subject to location, peak season may add 1 day to our usual service. Install first board by applying construction adhesive and screwing and countersinking directly into the face of the deck board and into the joist; glue a decking plug in the hole. Concealed-decking systems utlize awkward steel fasteners or thin plastic clips to hold your deck boards in place. Create a beautiful, clear deck surface free of visible screws or fasteners for a gorgeous outdoor living space family and friends will love to gather on with Tiger Claw TC-G Hidden Deck Fasteners. Last edited: Sep 15, 2015. Ever wonder what those grooves on the sides of a deck board are for? side groove, use a biscuit joiner or choose to purchase pre-grooved boards from a lumber yard. The make a cobalt drill bit that is around the 25 dollar range that fits in their auto drill pocket machines but is also an upgrade bit for the Kreg jigs. Get quote. Pick your deck material to see the CAMO system that’s right for your next project. 2-3/8 in. Ryluer Well-Known Member. The upgrade came in place for the driver bit or more to the point the locking collar. Kreg Deck Screws were designed specifically for use with the Kreg Deck Jig™, although they can also be used as simple face-screws for a variety of outdoor projects. Installers can router the required 5/32 in. Width: Suitable for 80-125mm Board Spacing: 5 mm . So, it makes it easier for you to give your work the best possible type of attachment. Kreg KJDECKSYS Deck Jig 4.4 out of 5 stars 351 $78.99 $ 78 . This permits natural expansion and contraction on the width of hardwood deck boards. gap spacing due to the integrated spacer leg. It’s really easy to use. When installing the Ipe clip, deck boards are secured only on one side. All Kreg Deck screws feature a KTX #1 Square Drive to reduce cam-out, a flat-bottom head which resists splitting, and a self-tapping tip which drills its own hole as it’s driven. The material cost would be about $80 for the special screws plus $75 for the jig. Once you install clips on every joist push the next deck board into the clip firmly and start installing the next row of clips. Metrojersey.com NJ's #1 Web Directory (I can see these spacers falling "down below" at just the wrong time...) Angled decking is fastened just like the Camo. Kreg screws come in their normal zinc, but also come in an outdoor coated version. Installing the Ipe Hidden Deck Fastening system is simple and easy to learn. Purchase ConceaLoc clips in 175, 900 or 1750 count containers with compatible drill bits included. Kreg does make a upgrade bit that can be used to drill the wood. Working with non-grooved or square edge deck boards? Any wiggle room will result in uneven spacing. Feb 21, 2018 - Shop our selection of loose and collated nails and screws, deck fasteners and fasteners for all kinds of projects. With the Kreg Deck Jig, and a few simple tools you already own, you can create a beautiful and functional deck surface that is completely free of exposed fasteners and painful splinters. Checked my local Lowes when I was in there today and they had it on the shelf but for $48 and change. Make sure when installing deck boards you push hard to maintain an even deck spacing. Stainless steel clips and screws won’t rust. The Kreg Jig K4 is the easy way to build with wood... £84.53 inc VAT (£70.44 ex VAT) add to compare. Designed to fit in the slotted edge of decking boards to create a screw free deck surface. With the Kreg jig you can still access the screws pretty easily after the deck is done, not sure if this one is any different. Allowing you to secure your starter and end boards directly to the deck frame and then continue on with the CONCEALoc Hidden Fastener system for a smooth, clear deck surface your family and friends will love. Make sure to press the jig down hard against the deck board. Got the Camo tooling at Menards and the Kreg at Home Depot. Camo Marksmen Pro hidden deck fastener tool. The jig itself worked flawlessly. Hidden below the surface of the deck, they are securely held to the top of the underlying structural joists with a single stainless steel screw (included) and insure proper and consistent spacing of the deck boards. (146mm) deck board and creates automatic 3/16 in. Give this jig to any laborer and they’ll be able to lay perfect deck boards all day long. The R3, at around $40, is only $10 more than the cheaper alternatives we reviewed. DirtyWhiteBoy. If any of the deck boards aren’t pushed all the way into the clip then the deck spacing will start to run off. You can purchase color matched plugs for all lines of Azek, Evergrain, Trex Accents, Select, Transcend, Enhance, Clubhouse, Fiberon, Gossen, Kleer, Timbertech Earthwood Evolutions, Twin Finish, XLM, Wolf and Paralam brands. Manufactured as a biscuit style deck fastener, the Ipe clip fits into the board’s edge side slots. CAMO 345016 Camo Marksman PRO - Narrow 5mm. DIYnot Local. Make sure it stays flat and level. Cortex hidden deck fastening system – medium, Cortex hidden deck fastening system – small, Cortex hidden deck fastening system – large. Adjustable to suit your deck project’s need, CONCEALoc hidden fasteners are able to create a board spacing of 1/8 inch to 3/16 inch for a uniformed look without the extra work. I found the CAMO jig online from a couple sources in the 35-39 dollar range. Only registered users may post in our forums. Make sure the decking board and clip are pushed in as tight as they can go. No nails or screw heads on the surface. Started by J Whitman in Kreg Jig® Purchasing Nov 9. Yeah, I like Kreg products too, and have a couple of their pocket hole jigs and other items. The coating on the fastener is guaranteed against corrosion in pressure treated wood. Ipe clips are injection molded from plastic polypropylene providing further chemical and UV resistant properties. The stock set screw is to short and to soft of steel.

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