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In the meantime, please verify all stated mileages and elevations against a map before proceeding with any route. Although we bypassed Chapin due to biting winds and redundancy of views, either Chapin or Chiquita would still be outstanding destinations by themselves. An entrance fee into the park is required. Note: This route description is part of a sequenced route that includes the entire Mummy Range as part of a single day hike with a two-vehicle shuttle. Leave one vehicle here. Ypsilon Lake is named for the mountain that towers to 13,514 feet from the northwest shore of Ypsilon Lake. The easiest and shortest route, the Southwest Ridge is a mere class 2 walk up over tundra (no clear trail) from Chapin Pass to the summit. Ypsilon Lake itself is approximately 4.3 miles from the trailhead, for a 8.6-mile-round hike, but if you make side trips, such as to Chipmunk Lake, Upper Chipmunk Campground, a waterfall, or around Ypsilon Lake, as we did, the mileage adds up a little more. One-way mileage & elevation gain for Ypsilon are measured from the summit of Mount Chiquita. You'll be hiking on mostly tundra that will give way to more embedded rocks and some rocky talus. All Rights Reserved. Chapin, Mt. Continue west on HWY34 about 2 miles to an intersection just past Sheep Lakes. The highlight, though, it the sweeping panoramic views in every direction, including views of Mt. There I encounter a possible life threatening obstacle. N 40° 27.431 W 105° 40.872. Ypsilon Mountain is a moderate day hike out-and-back from Chapin Pass TH or part of a longer single day clean out of the Mummy Range. None: Routes and Reports. Chapin. Both bivy and camping permits are available for the Ypsilon Lake area. See route descriptions for Mount Chiquita, Fairchild Mountain, Hagues Peak and Mummy Mountain for complete details. From here it is about 3.5 miles to the summit. At about a mile the trail meets up … There are two major trailheads for approaching climbs on Ypsilon. For example, theAconcagua mountain page has the 'Aconcagua Group' and the 'Seven Summits' asparents and is a parent itself to many routes, photos, and Trip Reports. One of the most beautiful mountains in the park. 8.8 miles, 3300’ elevation gain, 7:25 roundtrip time . It's nominally 9 miles out and back, with 2200 feet of elevation change. away. Mt. No trail leads to these prominent summits in the Mummy Range, but a well-established route follows contour lines and saddles to each. Chiquita. This hike description follows the unmaintained trail along the northwestern slopes of Mt. ... You can hike only to the summit of Ypsilon if you choose to, however we did the "CCY" route, Chapin, Chiquita & Ypsilon which is quite a hike. Trail: The Blitzen Ridge Class 5.4-5.6, ~12 miles, 6500 ft elevation gain ... We all met at the Lawn Lake trail head at 3:45 AM and set off on our hike and planned to either descend the Donner Ridge or hike to Trail Ridge Road (A friend of Dave's suggested this as a better option). The Old Fall River road, is a graded dirt road. A round trip hike to all three, as described here, racks up 8.4 miles with 3,050' elevation gain. © 2021 The Climbing Cooneys. A must do summit for climbers and hikers visiting the Park. At 8:43 a.m. on July 6, 1976, Christopher Sommer telephoned ROMO Dispatch to report an overdue friend, Jim Boicourt (29). Play. Fairchild Mountain. Upper Chipmunk Lake is the only feasible camping area for East side climbs and only has two sites. Chiquita & 12,454 ft Mt. Though the hike has its moments, there are other hikes in the park that provide more variety of scenery with less effort. The lake is not on Ypsilon Mountain per se but is so named because of its proximity. Chapin and Ypsilon Mountain in the east and the Never Summer Mountains in the west. Since Mount Chapin is a ranked 12er, you might consider tagging it as you pass by, but for the approach to Chiquita, Ypsilon, Fairchild and Hagues, the goal is to reach the saddle between Chapin and Mount Chiquita. This Rocky Mountain National Park hike is pretty exposed and can get windy, so you’ll definitely want to come prepared for colder weather! CHAPIN (12,454’) August 28, 2015. Turn right onto the Fall River Road and almost immediately right again into the Lawn Lake Trailhead parking area. 14ERS WITHIN 5 MILES. When you eventually return to your vehicle, you will have to continue driving west to the Trail Ridge Road Visitor Center and then drive back down to Estes Park on Trail Ridge Road, assuming you came from the Front Range. Too much snow to make it to the falls but still worth the hike! Enjoy the wildflower display. See also Mount Chiquita, Fairchild Mountain, Hagues Peak and Mummy Mountain for additional details. Descend north from Chiquita to the saddle at 12,786 ft. over similar, mostly tundra, and some embedded rock, boulders and talus encountered on the hike up Chiquita. Aconcagua mountain itself has many routes, photos, and trip reports as children. Brian and I left Estes Park and drove into Rocky Mountain National Park shortly after 5 am. Ypsilon. Please note that we've identified some data discrepancies regarding mileages and elevations, especially on peaks that utilizes approaches and sequenced routes to complete a 'circuit' of peaks. Printable map shows the Chiquita-Ypsilon section of peaks for cleaning out the Mummy Range peaks in RMNP. Chapin to the peaks of both Mt. Chiquita, Ypsilon Mountain trip report My friend and running buddy talked me into getting a "mommy's day off" and going mountain climbing with her. It was a good day for a hike to Ypsilon Lake. You just get used to them." All-aboard for a mega peak day. If your sole intention is Ypsilon Mountain, follow the trail to Mt. 1.18 mi. Chapin Mountains is a great adventure. This trailhead provides access to the climbs on the east face of Ypsilon. Both camping and bivy sites require permits that are obtained from RMNP's Backcountry Office which can be reached at 970-586-1242. Parking is limited and is found along the sides of the road so get there early. From Chapin Pass TH, Ypsilon is accessible over generally easy terrain that begins with trail access. The overall terrain holds a lot of tundra with trail possibly as far as Mount Chiquita, but expect embedded rocks and boulders and some talus. Chapin Pass to Chiquita-Ypsilon-Fairchild . If within park boundaries, you must camp in the designated campgrounds. This article describes the hike to the summit of Mt. This hike requires going thru a not too well-maintained trail to the northwestern hills of Mt. Camping related to Ypsilon Mountain is only allowed in the Ypsilon Lake area. A RMNP only season pass is $35.For day hikes only an entrance fee is required. --Johann von Neumann, Routes Upper Chipmunk Lake is the only feasible camping area … A suitable family hike, if done as an out-and-back from Chapin Pass TH, but because of the overall distance, may not be suitable for younger children. For both trailheads enter the Park on the east side from Estes Park. MT. The left side of the cirque is Donner Ridge, a nice 4th-class hike. Those maps only show it as far as a little above treeline. Although it is not the highest summit in the Range, it is definately the most recognizable. Posted by: Flying Cacher. Mummy Kill (aka Mummy Mania) llamaman. 1.00 mi. The 4.5 mile hike to this secluded waterfall follows the Ypsilon Lake trail, a demanding trek through the thick woods of the Mummy Range. away. 47 comments. Mountain Conditions can be obtained from a several places. From Estes Park, follow HWY 34 or the bypass west to the Fall River Visitor Center and entrance station. Its rugged southeast face make it one of the most distinctive peaks in the Park. Altitude in Feet: 13514: Visit Instructions: (3), Images A straight shot back to the TH from Mt Ypsilon without crossing Chiquita or Chapin is 3.6 miles. Site migration is now complete. "In mathematics you don't understand things. Children refers to the set of objects that logically fall under a given object. Follow the signs to the Fall River Entrance of the Park. This is where your very long hike will begin. Mount Chiquita and Ypsilon Mountain - 8.1 Miles Round-Trip Mount Chiquita (13,069') and Ypsilon Mountain (13,514') are accessible from Chapin Pass Trailhead on Fall River Road in Rocky Mountain National Park. If coming from the west slope, you can continue west on HWY 34 to Grand Lake and beyond. Sommer believed Boicourt to be in the Ypsilon Lake area. From here hike faded trails along the ridge to the Ypsilon’s astonishing summit. Very scenic as most of the hike is above tree line. The Southwest Ridge presents serious avalanche danger in the winter. Settings. ... Buzzed By a Plane At The Top of Mt Democrat. The Chapin Creek TH is located on the "Old Fall River Road" in Rocky Mountain National Park. (84), Climber's Log Entries Continue almost another 8 miles on the graded, single lane dirt road to the Chapin Creek trailhead. in Mountain Summits. Originally we planned to do Flattop Mountain, but as we talked in the car, we found that we both had Chapin/Chiquita/Ypsilon on our bucket lists. From the Chapin Pass TH, head NE on the Chapin Creek trail toward Chapin Pass and then turn east on another trail that leads to Mt. View Comments. All rights reserved. From Chapin Pass to Mt Chiquita, it's 0.9 miles, and to Ypsilon beyond another 1.4 miles. Too much snow to make it to the falls but still worth the hike! Enroute to the summit you can easily take in the summits of both Mount Chapin and Mount Chaquita which offer excellent views of the rugged east side of the Mummy Range. Includes a printable map with elevation profile, photographs of the hike, and how to get there. peakmind. Ypsilon Mountain may be climbed year around with the most popular time being the summer months from May to September. We are working quickly to resolve this issue. There is no "at-large" camping allowed within RMNP, neither can you camp overnight at any of the trailheads. the SE face of Ypsilon Mountain is one of the only steep faces in the Mummy Range and is guaranteed to be an escape from the crowds. To reach that saddle, follow an easy trail that contours upward across easy tundra terrain bedecked with alpine wildflowers. You will begin at the Chapin Creek Trailhead and come out at the Lawn lake TH. Ypsilon Mountain sits in the Northern part of Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP) in a range known as the Mummy Range. Ypsilon Mountain is a moderate day hike out-and-back from Chapin Pass TH or part of a longer single day clean out of the Mummy Range. From the summit of Mount Chiquita, Ypsilon Mountain is an easy, 45 minute stroll. To get to the trailhead, enter Rocky Mountain National Park on the 36. But keep an eye on the weather as … Mount Ypsilon Climbing Notes. For example, the The nearest park campground is the "Aspenglen." Class 2. The hike to Black Lake is a challenging 11-mile hike. Chiquita. From the saddle between Mount Chapin and Mount Chiquita, hike NE along a very broad ridge to the summit. The hike starts easy enough at the Lawn Lake trailhead and I follow that trail approximately 2 miles to the Ypsilon trail cutoff. Ypsilon from the east side is a rugged distinctive looking mountain with a Y shaped couloir. Describes the Ypsilon Lake trail, a 4.7 mile hike in Rocky Mountain National Park. Ypsilon. From the entrance travel 2.3 miles and take a right onto Fall River Road (FRR). Links to other information, routes & trip reports for this peak that may be helpful. But if you like tundra hikes that rewards you at the end with good views, you might like this hike. The bridge that crosses the Roaring River is out, a result of the 2013 flood. Ypsilon Lake sits in a wooded basin along the eastern slopes of Ypsilon Mountain and Mount Chiquita. Please Note: The description provided here requires a two-vehicle shuttle. However from the west side it s a high alpine hike over open tundra on easy slopes. Challenging in mileage and elevation gain, the Chapin, Chiquita and Ypsilon route, or the CCY, is a great hike to get your heart pumping and gain a vantage of Rocky Mountain National Park’s many areas while traversing the unique environment of the alpine tundra. Parents refers to a larger category under which an object falls. ... View from Ypsilon Lake Trail last week. Mt Chapin Chiquita & Ypsilon Hike at Rocky Mountain National Park evan.moyle 2018-01-02T18:41:22+00:00 Trail Location Chapin Creek Trail-head Round Trip 8.3 Miles (13.4 km) Trail-head Elevation 11,040 ft (3365 m) Highest Don't miss out on the views down into the cirque surrounding the Spectacle Lakes. ( If coming from Grand Lake across Trail Ridge Road, at Deer Ridge Junction, turn left onto HWY34 and drive under two miles to the intersection with the Fall River Road where you will turn left, then right into the parking for the Lawn Lake Trail.) Both camping and bivy sites require permits that are obtained from RMNP's Backcountry Office which can be reached at 970-586-1242. The views from the summit include the rest of the Mummy Range as well as the Never Summer, Medicine Bow and the Long's Peak Massif. From the Lawn Lake TH, continue driving west to the end of the pavement at the Endovalley picnic area, another 2 miles. Check the park website for additional information about which campgrounds allow advance reservations and how to obtain those. Aconcagua mountain page is a child of the 'Aconcagua Group' and the 'Seven Summits.' This 2000 ft face is bordered by ridges on either side forming its own awesome cirque. Most East face routes are accessible from this area. Fullscreen. Please Note: The route description for this climb is part of a two-vehicle shuttle that included all the 13ers of the Mummy Range in one day. Round-trip figures assume completion of the entire circuit. Passenger vehicle accessible, but check on conditions of the Fall River Road in RMNP. Be the first to submit your climbing note! This trail does not show on the USGS map but the lower portion of it is indicated on the park brochure map and the NFS map for Arapaho/Roosevelt. CHIQUITA (13,069’) YPSILON MOUNTAIN (13,514’) MT. Crossing the river shouldn't be taken lightly. Ypsilon Lake - 8.75 Miles Round-Trip Ypsilon Lake (10,632') is located 4.4 miles from Lawn Lake Trailhead in Rocky Mountain National Park.It lies in a confined, heavily wooded basin on the east slope of Ypsilon Mountain (13,514') and Mount Chiquita (13,069') in the Mummy Range. The hike to Ypsilon Lake is a 9-mile round-trip journey along a heavily forested trail in the Mummy Range of Rocky Mountain National Park. Mt Ypsilon Trip Report. The Compared to other parts of the park, the summits in the Mummy Range see much less traffic which greatly adds to their beauty. This road is One Way, uphill from the access point. Keep right at the fork with the 34 and then you'll take your next left and the parking for the trailhead is the first parking area on your right. Chiquita & Ypsilon Mountain. 0:00. From Chapin Pass TH, Ypsilon is accessible over generally easy terrain that begins with trail access. Continue to follow this trail for another 5 miles to Ypsilon Lake. The following are just a few:-Colorado Mountain School (CMS) 970-586-5758They also provide guiding, equipment rental and lodging-Rocky Mountain National Park 970-586-1206-Summit Post Message Board Post under the Rockies sectionDetailed forecasts are provided by NOAA, View Ypsilon Mountain Image Gallery - 84 Images. The sun peeked over the mountains in Rocky Mountain National Park and back-lit the aspens as they shimmied in the breeze. © 2006-2020 SummitPost.org. Mt. (9), Rocky Mountain National Park & Indian Peak Wilderness-USGS-TOPO Mega Maps, Hiking, Mountaineering, Trad Climbing, Ice Climbing, Mixed, Scrambling. Ypsilon is great as a destination or as a stop over while including other peaks in the range. Class 2. Follow the Lawn Lake trail for about 1.3 miles to where the Ypsilon Trail branches off and crosses the Roaring River to the west. Ypsilon in Rocky Mountain National Park. This is a fairly easy, low-angle stroll with summer wildflowers to brighten your way. Chapin to the summits of both Mt. AVALANCHE AND CLIMBING ALONE—Colorado, Mt. Ypsilon Lake sits at the base of 13,514-foot Ypsilon Mountain and 13,069-foot Mt. Please submit any useful information about climbing Mount Ypsilon that may be useful to other climbers. The more technical routes are extremely more difficult in the winters as is the approach. Chiquita and Ypsilon Mountain. Mt. See those peaks for further details if needed. The Chapin-Chiquita-Ypsilon Trifecta, aka "Mommies’ Day Out" ftfunmom. 137. With all our detours the hike … Other options consist mainly of bivy sites in the area. By Tim Briese. Though many if not most passenger cars can negotiate this road successfully, you'll be more comfortable in a higher clearance vehicle. Chiquita in the heart of the Mummy Range, and is fed by a waterfall near the point where the trail intersects with the lake. The Lawn Lake Trailhead is located on the right .25 miles down FRR. At the saddle, head NNE to the summit of Ypsilon following along the broad ridge with the same kind of terrain. (76), Comments Going on a journey – climbing the 13,514 ft Ypsilon, 13,069 ft Mt. Ypsilon Falls is a tiered waterfall hidden along the northern shore of Ypsilon Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park. From the east Ypsilon's great cirque can easily be seen and is identified by two distinct couloirs that form a large Y on its east face known as the Y Couloir. Camping related to Ypsilon Mountain is only allowed in the Ypsilon Lake area. Permits are limited and currently cost $15. The more technical routes (up to IV 5.9) associated with the East face involve an easy but long approach and the routes are long and sustained with the descent often being as difficult as the climb. Please Note: This peak is included as part of a sequenced, two-vehicle shuttle route description for the Mummy range, including Ypsilon Mountain, Fairchild, Hagues and Mummy. This TH provides easy access to the short and easy class 2 Southwest Ridge.

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