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Template: Stakeholder Identification (DOC) Communication Resources. PowerPoint and PDF Templates for Balanced Scorecard. There are the headquarters’ staff budgets and then those of diversity and inclusion … Equality, diversity and inclusion policy template File Example of an equality, diversity and inclusion policy.docx 17KB. Leaders of diversity and inclusion efforts are often asked how to measure the success of their initiatives. As a leader in diversity and inclusion (D&I), we harness the power of our diverse workforce to achieve optimal business results. This metaphor sums it up nicely: Diversity is being invited to the party; inclusion is being asked to dance. Judges also looked at the quality of the support delivered by technology and the quality of Diversity & Inclusion staff development. Documents. Identifying metrics that define “why” is the first step.” This approach is foundational for a high-performance D&I program. Ready-to-use templates for Balanced Scorecard save you time; you don’t need to hire a professional designer – you already have … Diversity & Inclusion Scorecard for Law Firms – Updated January 2017 – www.alanet.org/about/diversity P a g e 5 | 11 12. Jan 29, 2020 - Diversity and Inclusion Plan Template - 30 Diversity and Inclusion Plan Template , Diversity Action Plan 2014 Diversity and Inclusion Staffing The salaries of diversity and inclusion staff members are usually directly attributed to the overall budget, or, in certain instances, companies use dotted-line budget shares. We create products for people from all walks of life around the globe. Example: Introduced diversity training for all external suppliers as part of supplier diversity programme. Survey template - Sample Diversity and Inclusion Survey Poll + Questionnaire Organizations are diverse when it comes to the workforce. Create and manage. Diversity & Inclusion. Measure progress in managing diversity and fostering inclusion. By establishing requirements directed toward selecting and retaining diverse service providers, namely outside counsel, several in-house legal departments have demonstrated their commitment to ensuring diversity in the legal profession becomes a reality. COMMITMENT: The Ontario Trillium Foundation supports and promotes diversity, equity and inclusion throughout our entire organization with our staff, volunteers and in our service to our communities. Promoting Diversity & Inclusion We believe that stronger companies and stronger communities are created when people of every culture, background and lifestyle are accepted and valued. Each leader knows exactly to which metrics he or she will be held accountable and the numbers needed to achieve the goal. What began as a largely North America-centered network for fostering equality and diversity in the workplace for LGBT employees, has grown into a supportive global community—with a branch in every region of the world. Thou shalt collaborate with business units and functions to determine how D&I will impact their business strategies, and set goals and measures accordingly. UTMB Diversity Strategy & Performance Scorecard Template a s Of staff —um i: of an to Plans FY13 to FYIa ms FY17 FY18 FYI 9 % t to with data to guide is to to … Ten Commandments for Diversity & Inclusion Metrics. One helpful tool for this purpose can be the development of a diversity scorecard. Diversity and Inclusion Programs and Initiatives. Updated: 15 templates in PDF and PNG added! Diversity and Inclusion has emerged as a worldwide practice that is critical to an organization’s success. Things are different today – not only about race anymore. 3. In fact, diversity & inclusion (D&I) is increasingly becoming a component of companies’ employee recruitment and customer branding strategies. The Global Equity & Inclusion Scorecard is a comprehensive and proprietary assessment that leverages Diversity Abroad's Global Equity & Inclusion Guidelines (formerly AIDE Roadmap Guidelines) to help higher education leaders measure, map and improve the effectiveness of their global education operation through a diversity, equity and inclusion lens.

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