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does planting by the moon really work

But that’s another myth, for another day. “However, in artificial conditions, Plants will have developed to deal with direct sunlight, since it is far more prevalent. Then, the sap primarily goes down toward the roots. Meant to add to the post – this is the same with plants and the liquid inside them is affected by the moon. I am an organic seedling grower and when I started out I also kept rigorous records on germination rates, weather, health, bug attacks etc. I practice no-till gardening, and every time I plant transplants, I spit into the hole before sticking the roots in it. Today, it is still a rural tradition and in most countries you can buy moon gardening calendars. I’ve personally notice an almost extreme difference in plant growth around the new moon, and an almost extreme halt in growth around the full. My grandfather was considered one of the best gardeners around. What do you get when you cross one of the greatest rock albums of all-time with one of the greatest films of all-time? To me, it’s less stressful to not have to worry about the moon phase when I’m just challenged trying to find time to get the garden all planted. I have this idea that I can establish a positive microbial feedback loop between the garden and me, whereby we both develop a complex, diverse, resilient microbiome that enables us to thrive. The greens were all beautiful and tasty. To make my work life easier I had set days that I sowed seed on Tues & Wed. What I noticed was that sometimes I had great results with certain plants and not so good with others at different times and sometimes germination with everything from leafy, fruiting & root was exceedingly poor. =). Often there's another reason a crop fails but sometimes it was the "wrong" sign. I am pumped. There will, however always be a little bit in back of my mind, nagging me. The beets arrived a couple of weeks apart as they were planted a couple of weeks apart. We don’t see the tides on small lakes because wind and currents from incoming rivers have a much greater effect (ref 1) than gravity from the moon or sun. It also affects everything else on earth, but, and it is a big but, the effect on most things is so small we can’t see it and in many cases can’t even measure it. It is not what you might think. Also, while the sun is what ultimately allows plants to grow, the power of moonlight should not be discounted, and planting certain seeds when the moon is brightest can be a powerful way to jump-start new seeds. That is my scientific research experiment regarding the power of the full moon and it’s effects on plant growth. Professor Stefan Buczacki, the former chairman of Gardeners’ Question Time on Radio 4 has been quoted as saying “It’s baloney,” he says. The Great Lakes, some of the largest on earth, haves tides that are at most 2 inches high. It is also a good time to weed and take care of pests. https://astronomynow.com/2016/04/01/moon-thought-to-play-major-role-in-maintaining-earths-magnetic-field/. There is scientific evidence that moon light does affect plants. Our oceans are affected the most when the moon and sun pull from opposite sides of the earth, or when they pull from the same side, resulting in higher tides. She taught me that the power of intention is indeed a valuable asset in the garden, and elsewhere. It can’t “pick up” the filings because the plate is in the way, but that doesn’t mean the magnetic field doesn’t affect them. ” (ref 2). Dr. Brown did study the moon’s effect on animals, so the plant study may exist. They don’t have an internal 24 hr clock like we do. I read a book or two, or three, and thought, “OK, I’m going to make my green thumb even greener.” I decided that I would make or break this myth with a test in my garden. This in turn, generates our planet’s electric field which is documented as being useful to plants for bee polination. I am all about green living – compost is my blood type. Does Companion Planting Work? I think planting based on particular lunar events, then, isn't that much further a step. Gardening by the Moon is a growing trend, but the technique isn’t anything new. They never went on to explain how the moon and stars affect soil health. I have come to appreciate the older gardeners that live in my locale. Should You Compost Dog Waste or Cat Waste? Strangely enough I have a different story to tell. Thanks for the article! These waves are tides or, in other words, tidal waves.”, The link below suggests earth’s molten core has a tidal response to the moon which maintains our magnetic field. Sounds like a plan. The best rational, scientifically based gardening site I have been able to find on the net. It is claimed that at the new and full moon more water is pulled to the surface of the soil which has the effect of speeding up the germination process. I consider the results of my experiment scientific proof, that a full moon promotes plant growth. They appear to have a slightly distant curiosity about this light bobbing around in their territory, disturbing their own nighttime work. We will see if this myth works. Did Perry ever get back to you with results of the experiment? They all grow into willow trees if I take care of them and keep them watered. “The old-time gardeners say, “With the waxing of the moon, the earth exhales. First, lunar gardeners believe the moon's gravitational pull affects the flow of moisture in the soil. But surely it must be true that during a full moon people act more irrational, cause more murders and have more visits to hospital emergency rooms? Other legitimate scientific sites say that there has been no real research on the moon’s effect on plants. And some direct sown spinach and pak choi under a row cover. We have. You know, there are some good layman level books on plant biology out there.. Haven’t you heard of the full moon affecting menstruation too? How well did the plants respond to the elements – sun, rain, soaker watering – well, you get the picture, I record everything. Not one person came to my defense. If one of these really worked, would someone not be able to show that it worked better than the other two? Frost is a factor to consider AS WELL AS the gravitational affect of the moon. The tray on the right was sown two weeks later during New Moon phase. No one day would stand out from the day before, or the day after. what are you, some hippy liberal? Garden produces great. Planting by the phases of the moon will surely get warm growing crops killed in some years. Just as the Moon’s gravitational pull creates the tides of the oceans, it also creates more moisture in the soil, which encourages growth.

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