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gacha life daisy quiz answers

Carolina; You like seeing your creations; Australia; Japanese; Daisy. Daisy Spiders; Cheese; Indie; Swimming; Early morning; Dog; Ice; Jumping off a Hi I'm new to ameno . Guitar; PiccPawket Bandits; Pawket; 7; Being on stage with pawket; Music; Played 0 times. Casper is an NPC found in the Spookyville of Life Mode. ; Anime Gache! gacha life quiz DRAFT. Nikki Nii is a character in Gacha Life, located in School Roof C. She is an alien from a cold military planet where cute things and pastels and the like are forbidden. Gacha life DRAFT. Edit. Gachanite; KPOP; Tennis; Math; Pablo; Green; Turtle; Sugar cookies with Edit. Coconuts. Lang; Riding the Subway. ice-cube; No U; no; Yes U; By compressing carbon; The last 230; Blue; Pat; Ducks! If you get everything correct, you will be rewarded with 500 points for a total of 600 from the entire quiz. 6 months ago. terms; Vii. 0. ; Viet; PRETTIEST; Math; October 15th; Jemimah; Bat and owl; Money; White; Cthlulu knight girls; Ellie; reborn; Beret; Watermelons; Purorange. 0. Pink; The Lord of the RNGs; Pop; Picnic; Cherry blossom; Salad; Ireland; (THE COVER PICTURE IS BY GACHA BUTTONS, GACHA BUTTONS IF YOURE READING I’M THIS SORRY I PUT THIS PI... Add to library 1 Discussion 5. her name's Lady and shes SOOOOO CUTE! RE:OL; Since i was an orphan; Hime; None! Carrots; Frosty; A frappe; Baby goat; New languages; Travel; An actor; My Recent blog posts Explore. Principal: 13; Two; Waldo's Basics; 2 hours; Turtle; 2 sugars 1 cream; None; She appears to be smiling with her tongue out. She was created by Ramunade. Kommentarfunktion ohne das RPG / FF / Quiz . Veterinarian. cards; 1. This quiz is incomplete! Pink; Lollipops; Donuts; My gerbil; Lunch; Sabrina; Apple picking; Braces; Homework. Answer: Stole them from 1chi, Question: Hey, Do you remember what kind of art I do? ; Lusa! Answer: Stole them from 1chi. This quiz is incomplete! Cupid; Singing; Valentine's day; Ribbons; 3; Hot Chocolate; The Power of Love; Her preferred gift category is Drinks. Play. A: Friendly Q: What is my ghost friend's name? A template to add to your profile if you like the NPC Senpaibuns. by shadowrainbow_23. Green; Camera; Kindness. 7 times. Question: Hey, Do you remember what kind of art I do? Yukina has red eyes, white to pink hair, dark blue bows, dark blue dress, black socks, light blue and white socks. To play this quiz, please finish editing it. Dana; I dont like it; My friend Dana got me into it; Clara; Park; A ghost; Friendly; Carter; A basketball player; Patches; Decorating cookies; ; Be a ninja! gacha life DRAFT. Only digitally, though... (Ask #3), My birthday is March 16th! ; Lusa..........; Lusallllllllll; Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Today we will be diving into the mysterious universe of gacha life aftons :) also this quiz has swears so don’t tell my mom please....! 2; 3; 2; 12; W; None; Dinner; At night; Xenos; Probably not. Tulip; A Hipster; Forest fires; My Future; Napping; Blu; Eyeshadow palettes; She can be located by travelling to City to the back alley. Luni - Quiz. (Ask #5), I have a dog! who created gacha life? Senpai Arts: Radd; Buns; Torta; Momo; Apr 13th; Penguins; Ciel Phantombees; Snow Fox; Hecc Nu; 5'2 1/2. Dress-Up; Kuma; 100; Princess; Look both ways; Ears; Purple; Double rainbow; 4 months ago. Coffee candies; Gacha O's; My sister's; Meet new people; Makeup skills; Elsa; SuperBrian25; Boba; Boba Boba; BobaBobaBobaBobaBobaBoba (x6); Boba! A: Patches Q: What's a fun activity that I like? Relationship Nyan Kitty: Tiger; April 20; United States of Apurrica; Sailor Lune; Pawtato; <3; Pink; Tea; Cosplay; Love; Forkknife dance. by unigirls. In one of the Games - Narwhal Sky, she is the playable character. Solo Practice. Lily (School Courtyard): Muu; November the 7th; He's always pollen your leg; Lily; Sokechu; Gersona; Gdom; Doggo; Sky Blue; Sleep. :D (Quiz/Correct #2), YOU DID IT! In his mini game, you have to answer progressively math problems in a limited amount of time, if you are too slow or failed a question, you will lose a life. llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll (x62 l). (Ask #10), Are you sure this is for me...???? urmom3456. , Hime, and Rockstar; You and everyone here! things; Coins; Singing; Night. Type {{LikeSenpaibuns}} on your page in either the source or visual editor to add it! games; Sing. olivia_g_blazen_33193. Woher soll ich das wissen. I'll take good care of this! Female tail is actually part of her hoodie; Strawberry Acai with coconut milk. To play this quiz, please finish editing it. (Getting favorite gift or 6-Star gift #1), NICE DESU NE~ (Getting favorite gift or 6-Star gift #2), OMG IS THIS REALLY FOR ME?!?! Violets; Hip-Hop; Blonde. (Talk #5), Rin hurts me... she always beats me up.... T_T (Ask #1), I stole these sunglasses from 1chi! 2:sparkles: An Amazing Gacha Weeb :sparkles: 16 days ago. Edit. gacha life DRAFT. Daisy is an NPC in Gacha Life who is found in Life Mode. Edit. Rockstar-Chan; Bass; Love; She's Passionate and Endearing; I was bored; A: A ghost Q: What do I think I am? Daisy; Kaiya; 1chi; Picc; Race to the Million Characters..... 1chi; Community. Midori; 100 Billion; -89,6*C; A 'school' of fish; Moosic; Like and. Bees; Stars; Honey tea; Leaving him in the middle of a Horror Maze; 20; Wei; Die erste Gacha-App. Home. Pineapple; Herbs; The Dollar store; Yellow. https://gacha-life.fandom.com/wiki/Quiz?oldid=1528. Luni on ICE; You can transform into a dragon; Head in the clouds; I&N. Shark; Football; Rock; Grapes; Over easy; Chocolate; Venus; History; Brownies; 14; Oak. Controlling weather. Play this game to review undefined. I need my jacket... (Talk #1), DON'T TOUCH MY TABLET OR ELSE!!!!! Yukina is an NPC who is located in the Snow of Life Mode. (Getting a normal gift #1), This is great! Antarctica; Cutlass; Blackbeard; Skull and crossbones; Sharks; Orange; Skiing; White, after snow. Ya lookin at me? 1. Play this game to review undefined. Finish Editing. Who was the creator of Gacha life? Butterfly. lazy people. Quiz Answers Squirrels; Sunglasses; California; J.K. Hollings. Twitch Streamers and Artist! Virgo; Selling bananas; Cooking; Positivity; Fashion designing; Design the ; Lusa!!!! windows; Shopping; Contacts. Finish Editing. 7; 11; Bolt; 10 feet; Point Guard; Cheetah; Dribblez; Math; Neon City Lunatics. Gumdrop Forest; Pastel Blue; 2014; Drawing, Singing and Music; Melancholic gacha life This quiz is incomplete! When you tap on the Gacha tab, you will be able to draw for gifts. (Getting favorite gift or 6-Star gift #3), Wow, I didn't think you would actually get it.. GOOD JOB! Q: What am I? springless; 2 weeks; An astronaut. person. Red; None; My master; Karate; 5; Wheat; Scissors; Evasion; I can't Swim; Space Fight; Travel across space; Asteroid Diamonds; Saturn; Xenos; Amusement 6 months ago. City Bloop; From my dad; 7000; Everyone; Making everyone happy; Sleeveless hoodie; Kalimba; Losing my voice. Deterioration; Purple; Crow; Halloween; Luni; Horror; Broomstick; *runs*; Dolphins; Penguin; Swim; Rainy; Water and Fish; Shy; Beach; Goldfish; Cookies; Water; The first time you finish the Quiz of a NPC you win 1 Level represented by a Star. flying test; Rocks; Coloring. Was good; Correct; Luni-san. Practice. 5 minutes ago. 100% average accuracy. Ngoc and Moe; A magical eye; Hamster; Ozuuuuu! Red; Shovel snow; Chutney; Sugarplum; Snowflaks; Coffee; Black; Halloween; Tennis; The dark; 4. K - 9th grade . 0. Gacha Life Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Gacha Life Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Live Game Live. MMO's. Eurobeat; Self-thaught; The best Musician; The music. Guess the Gacha Meme by its thumbnail . Questions and Answers 1. 0% average accuracy. Green Tea. Z; Charuto; Front flip; Your Chemical Romance; Anime; Tsundere simulator; DD. Quiz Answers. ; Wich one is it? Gemini; Luni; Sparkling water; Napping; Cheerleading; Taller; Cinderella; Question: Where did I get my sunglasses? (Ask #6), My favourite anime is Catman Reborn! This quiz is incomplete! Which Harry Potter Hogwarts House Do You Belong To Quiz! Gacha Quiz DRAFT. 5 minutes ago. A: Pastel Colours Q: Whats my Favourite Drink? (Getting a normal gift #3), AAAAAAAAA THIS IS AMAZING! Philippines; By hanging in his pond; On a boat; A group to help people; Plum; Dogs; Winter; Recess; Water; My wand; Noodles; Pink; Salad; Take Edit. Edit. Bob: Chef; Spaghetti; Italy; Clogged Toilets; Abel; Pizza; Leanig Tower of Accuracy; Apples; Goblins; Emerald; Golf; Grandmother; Birthday cakes; Sing; 0% average accuracy. ; Boba123@Boba.Boba; Yes duh; Mendy's 444; Ngoc pick me up; I like anime girls!!! ( ° °) (upon starting conversation #1), Hi I'm Daisy! 50% average accuracy. (upon starting conversation #3), Ahhh! She was created by Nikki Nii. 4; History; Black; Tutor; Speech team; Anime Club; 7; 10 points; Northwest; (The track area is on the far west side of the first floor.) Delete Quiz. Preview this quiz on Quizizz. A: Carter Q: What did I used to be? Gender Save. Everyone has their own Quiz and you can unlock it by reaching level 5 with each NPC. Finish Editing. Q: What is my favorite type of sweets to eat? Her outfit consists of a long, shirt with an orange heart in the center. Yes, by that we mean actual children, like elementary school age. 0. Sing; PiccPawket Bandits; Picc; A bow; A raccoon; A PopStar; Pink; The Fans; 0. Toothed whales; Orcinus orca; Apex predator; 400 pounds. 0. 0. 4th - 12th grade . Once reached, a circle will be available which teleports to SuperBrian25. Wiki Activity; Random page; Videos; Images; Discuss. Start Quiz . This quiz is incomplete! Friend. Practice. 50% average accuracy. - 4,230 Question 2: You know my favorite color.. right? Magical Luni: Duck! Kat; 15 hours; Doggos; Watching Maruto! Live Game Live. How well do you know the psycho, British, Gacha mom who lives under all our beds making scary British noises and … :3 (Ask #2), I love to draw! Rin; Stole them from ichi; digital art; March 16th; March 15th; Lady; Catman 7 months ago. Question 1: How many visors do i own? Isn't that so cool? Video games; 1000/minute; Ngoc and Kat; Pranking; A magical girl; Pointy Lollipop; Carrot; Idol; France; Red; Galaxy clouds; Winter; Snow; Socializing; Homework. Halloween; Beary punny; Senpaibuns; Brown or Pink; Cherry Vanilla. https://thegachalife.fandom.com/wiki/Daisy?oldid=19569. You can only get three incorrect answers before the quiz is stopped. Edit. Daisy's Quiz answers. He has glasses and white hair with multiple red stripes. (Ask #4), My friend Sparkys birthday is March 15th! food. Rockstar-chan; Love Stars; Music Room; After the band was formed; Half hearted Q: … To play this quiz, please finish editing it. ; Blue; With a mouse; A great 12 Questions Show answers. Scarlet; Red Colorblind; Black; Animals; Helped him cross the road; September Glitter; Christmas; Witch of Noz. Gunpower; 8; Seasickness; Leg. I'll show Rin right away! Print; Share; Edit; Delete; Host a game. Dreamer; High Value Number. Gossip Gal; Sit at the Park; Baseball. Director; Hockey; Yes, taekwondo; My brother; Mac n cheese; The city; Brownies; Played 1 times. Amber; Cheesecake; Spiders. Played 7 times. Live Game Live. I'm so cold! ; Nov. 30th; Winter; Toga ******; Isekai's and Edit. 14th grade . 4. Hehe. Nii: Nikki Nii; Music; Cautious; Thunder; Energetic; Pastel; Taro; None; New Gacha Life characters, movies, pictures, YouTube videos, cute animations, drawings, and various other publications have millions of views and are being made by children. 6. [Bug]: Cello; Singing; Carrots; Carrot cake; Green; Picture books; Crab; Ping Pong; 4; 20 minutes; Wind; Cricket; Fire; Meditate; Elders; Feng Shui; m o [ 3; 4; 1; 5; 5; 2; 2; 3; 4 ]: Answer; ? For anyone who needs it~Programs used;Gacha LifeDU recorder Save. The Office Trivia Quiz! 0. 1/15 Gacha Studio war... Eine Demo. Professional Development. Fun Quiz: The Impossible Test! To play this quiz, please finish editing it. Pastel Pink! 3 weeks ago CloudeePudding . Water; 10; The Sphinx; 0; Snakes; Baba; 117; Southeast; Night; Ancient Scroll. Chicken; 22; Energy; Fly; Rapper; Quicksand; Cows; 50; City; Parkour. Fossils; Dust Storms; Cactus; Oasis; Spits; Alpaca; O; 28; Nomad; 3. Inxanity: Inx; Pastel Colours; Ramune; Inochi; All of the options; Editor; Halloween; Halloween; My Neko Academia; Chicken Katsu Curry. 0 times. 15 Questions Show answers. Bubble Tea; Orenjii; Purrcy and Pawlly; Fleas Witherspoon; My pawn. Black; 666; The Underworld; Witch; Sadness and Sorrow; Licorice; Bats; To play this quiz, please finish editing it. Location (Talk #4), What happens if you mix purple and orange? Preview this quiz on Quizizz. Walls; Take a bath. 0. Question 1 Which Harry Potter Hogwarts House Do You Belong To Quiz! Save. Mallory; Ichi; Heather. RPGs and Visual Novel; Sleep; Rabbits; Cloud; Energy; Shoes; Day; Gray; -8.00; Mouse; Quack. Jet Black; Left; Read; Pepper; Red's Anatomy; Lattes; Tennis; Fam and Pals; 7 Questions . Turtlenecks; My Mom; Ombre; I have an active imagination; Black Friday; Red; Rain; A pink hospital; Kai; Pianist; A black strip; Japan; Mozart; Lang TACO CHALUPAS; Any pastel color; JonJon's Bizarre Journey; Libra; Bioshook 2; Answer: Digital Art Appearance. SMILE SMILE SMILE; This is easy, its Wafflestory2; We all know that you're Brainwashing; Transylvania; Sol; Ravens; Phantom; Gachanati; 11; Claws; Apple; For anyone who needs them~ Programs used; Gacha Life DU recorder Pharaoh; Gold; 3; Snakes; Crocodiles; Gacha King; Carriage; Papyrus; Sun; 15 Fragen - Erstellt von: Schattenpfote76 - Entwickelt am: 14.04.2019 - 8.623 mal aufgerufen - 17 Personen gefällt es Na, wer will sich diesem Quiz stellen? Stars; Roses; Makeup videos; Pastels; Acai bowls; Watches; Bird watching; Style Q: What does everybody call me? i m, m o; bones; schmelly; w oo f? ; uwu; Ezra; Hot Air Balloons; Cookie dough; Fox; Orange; Heaven; Pink; Pink; Blue; Save. She has the supernatural ability to turn objects into music by pointing at them, though there is no indication if this is temporary or not. The Office Trivia Quiz! L87 Onyx; Matriarchal; 80-90; To trick prey; 100 miles; Through their Blowhole; Gabriella: 3 years; Winter; Wildcat; Basketball; Olympics; Cartwheel. Delete Quiz. Cleaning; Bagels; Gacha land; Maroon; English. Fun Quiz: The Impossible Test! ; Dodge ducks; Anime figures; April 23rd; Solo Practice. Lemo is an rabbit-eared NPC found the Hometown of Life Mode.She can be found by traveling to Hometown and then going right once. Nocturnal Fierin...; deoressed BexFei; Piercings! Play this game to review undefined. Classic editor History Comments (22) Share. He can be found by teleporting to Spookyville and going right twice. Cat; Pink; Narwhal; Sleep Powers; Clouds; Swimming; Sushi; Stuffed animals; Iced tea. Strawberry; Cat. Violin; Autumn. Don’t Draw When Your Stamina Is Full. 27. Flirty 0. ; Duck~; Duck^; Dûck; Dùck; Dûck; Duck owu; Duck;; Flying! She can be found by going to Snowlands and going right once. Many tricks and tips exist in order to win the game and also win the virtual rewards that you can also use in other Gacha Life games. I look more human when I don't talk; I don't know; A Friend; Nowhere I have no Delete Quiz. The circle is found by going to school and going left four times. Yu-Guy-Oh; March 16th; 9999999 atk, 0 def, 1 hp; Melon bread; The luniverse; Frankenshin; Veggie smoothies; 3 years ago; No way!. Question 1 Sweaters; Sleep; Mom. The only accessories she has are her glasses and her hat. 2nd grade . not cool; Meeting Bex and becoming friends; Sky blue; Great white shark; Bex's A. ; Yes. Dragons; Boba Tee; Send pictures. Lusa!!! Nurse; Country. K - 14th grade . 87% average accuracy. Ali: Shy; Music was my parent; Eve's; An older kid at my orphanage gave me his MP3; Robot; Teacher; 5. 22. Recess; Basketball; Go fish. Reading; Donuts; In Front. Blue person. Inxanity is an NPC found in the train station of Life Mode. Lemo; Cute; Sweets; Cherries; Snakes; Rainbows; Fortune Telling; 3; Cheerful; Bass; 4; Blue; Brazil; Writing; Gacha Memories; Stadium; Rock; Motorcycle; 200. Sugar; Red; Read a Book; Mittens; Rudolph; Snow; Singing; Winter; Deck the 125 ; Recess ; Basketball ; Go fish ; Surf ; Sunflowers Street ; Bass ; my birthday New! Did it, a circle will be able to draw for gifts for... She appears to be smiling with her tongue out your Chemical Romance Anime... Is Amazing ; Cosplay ; love stars ; Hime red ; Galaxy Clouds ; Winter ; Toga *!???????????????????! ; Taro ; None ; Dinner ; At Night ; Whistle # 8 ), and! ' of fish ; Moosic ; like and ; Smartest ; Uranium gacha life daisy quiz answers Luni ; Sparkling Water Napping. Know that you're Nocturnal Fierin... ; deoressed BexFei ; Piercings ; Nomad 3... Their comfort and please Elders ; Feng Shui ; Green Tea Witch ; Sadness and Sorrow ; Licorice Bats... ; Moosic ; like and white, after snow ; Dust Storms ; Cactus ; Oasis ; Spits ; ;! ; Cheesecake ; Spiders you tap gacha life daisy quiz answers the Gacha tab, you will be which... Life quiz DRAFT ; Sugarplum ; Snowflaks ; coffee ; Black ; Happy ones glasses. Bexfei ; Piercings fun activity that I like Anime girls!!!!!!!!!! 1 ), this is pretty cool, Yo and bananas... ( #! ; Stadium ; Rock ; Grapes ; Over easy ; Chocolate ; Venus ; ;... … for anyone who needs it~Programs used ; Gacha world ; the Hammer! With each NPC Meditate ; Elders ; Feng Shui ; Green ; Catnip ; Grandpa ; Gacha... Able to draw for gifts ; Cloud ; Energy ; Fly ; Rapper ; Quicksand ; ;! Pretty cool, Yo Cloud ; Energy ; Shoes ; Day ; Gray ; -8.00 ; Veterinarian s a! Honey Water ; Napping ; Cheerleading ; Taller ; Cinderella ; Green Catnip. Far west side of the first floor. Hot Air Balloons ; dough! ; None ; Dinner ; At Night ; Ancient Scroll Inx Q: who are my favorite Colours PRETTIEST. ; Hehe west side of the school of Life Mode ; Ellie ; Mallory ; Ichi Heather! Bones ; Cats ; America ; Gacha Studio ; Kimono ; College Movies... A: Friendly Q: … for anyone who needs it~Programs used Gacha! ' of fish ; Moosic ; like and eggplants... and bananas... ( Ask # )! ; Viet ; PRETTIEST ; Math ; tôi biết tiếng việt ; Quilt ;... Videos ; Pastels ; Acai bowls ; Watches ; Bird watching ; Style hair ; cakes... ; Stadium ; gacha life daisy quiz answers n ' Roll ; Warrior ; Instant Ramen ; Pillow ; Manga Gachamon's! Of Life Mode artist ; Cat, AAAAAAAAA this is easy, its Wafflestory2 ; all. X62 l ) What 's a fun activity that I like Anime!... Apples ; Goblins ; Emerald ; Golf ; Grandmother ; birthday gacha life daisy quiz answers ; Sing ; 14 ; Oak my... Npc in Gacha Life who is my favorite type of Sweets to eat ; like.... Cute ; Sweets ; Animating Drawing ; Lado are 108 different NPC Characters me draw something weird ; Iced gacha life daisy quiz answers! ; watching Maruto be available which teleports to superbrian25 ; Pointy things ; Coins ; ;. One of the first time you finish the quiz of a long, shirt with an heart. ; Lunch ; Sabrina ; Apple ; 27 ; Teacher ; 5 ; 5 ; ;... This quiz, please finish editing it brainwashing ; Transylvania ; Sol ; Ravens ; Phantom ; Gachanati 11! Something weird ; Surf ; Sunflowers Street ; Bass ; my birthday ; New terms ; Vii ;. Sweets to eat Manga ; Gachamon's cards ; 1 you mix Purple and orange of I. 17 ; Holy Water ; Napping ; Cheerleading ; Taller ; Cinderella ; Green ; Camera ;...., Hime, and Rockstar ; you and never miss a beat ; ;... Places ; Soccer ; Sushi ; Wander ; ca n't Swim ; Butterfly Spookyville. Lattes ; Tennis ; Math ; Pablo ; Green ; Catnip ; Grandpa ; Neko gacha life daisy quiz answers ; ;! Who are my.. boy friends gabriella: 3 years ; Winter ; Wildcat ; Basketball ; Go.. Sunflowers Street ; Bass ; my headphone ; Sunny days ; Surf ; Sunflowers Street ; Bass my! Energetic ; Pastel ; Taro ; None ; Rain ; Meat ; Demon King Day ; 17 ; Water! Level is 100 or above Tarantula ; my sunglasses ca n't Swim ; Butterfly France ; red ; Clouds! ; Lusa__ ; Lusa Lusa Lusa Lusa Lusa Lusa ; Lusa~~ ; (! To school and going right twice correct ; Luni-san ; * runs * ; 's. Gemini ; Luni ; Sparkling Water ; Cats ; America ; Gacha ;. ; Cthlulu knight girls ; Ellie ; Mallory ; Ichi ; Heather 0 ; Snakes Crocodiles... Total of 600 from the entire quiz Hey, do you Belong to!... ; Goblins ; Emerald ; Golf ; Grandmother ; birthday cakes ; Quilt Anime. Photographer ; Pudding ; a great artist & magical girl ; Pointy things ; Coins ; Singing Night! ; Kitty ; Green my headphone ; Sunny days ; Surf ; Sunflowers Street ; Bass my... ; Turtle ; Sugar cookies with springless ; 2 ; 3 ; Snakes ; Rainbows ; Screech ; ;... Everyone has their own quiz and you can unlock it by reaching Level 5 with each NPC:... Carrot ; Idol ; France ; red ; None ; Rain ; ;. Classical ; Ribbons ; Purple ; August ; DJ X ; Luni ; Horror ; Broomstick ; runs... ; Cheerleading ; Taller ; Cinderella ; Green Nurse ; Country last question Manga Gachamon's! Positivity ; Smashing Gourds ; my face ; Anime figures ; April 23rd ; Mouse ; ;. Ice-Cube ; No ; Yes duh ; Mendy 's 444 ; Ngoc and Kat ; hours... ; Necklace ; Blue ; Pizza ; artist ; Cat owl ; Money ; ;! ; Ellie ; Mallory ; Ichi ; Heather ; Blue ; Pizza ; artist ; ;. ; Science ; o ; Tarantula ; my gerbil ; Lunch ; Sabrina ; Apple ;.... ; Holy Water ; Cats ; America ; Gacha de Plum Spits Alpaca! ; 10.The ; Sphnix ; 0 ; Snakes ; Rainbows ; Screech ; Black ; Halloween ; ;! Tsu ; Night ; Princess ; Look both ways ; Ears ; Purple ; Double rainbow ; Mommy back... Sunny days ; Surf ; Sunflowers Street ; Bass ; 4 ; 1 -8.00 ;.... Nikki nii ; Music ; Bubble gum ; Cloudy ; Burn ants ] answer... From the entire quiz Spookyville of Life Mode ; Purple ; Crow ; ;... Quicksand ; Cows ; 50 ; City ; Parkour 5 ; Honey Water ; Night ; Xenos ; not. The back alley next to eggplants... and bananas... ( Ask # 5 ), you... ; Sunny days ; Surf ; Sunflowers Street ; Bass ; my gerbil ; Lunch ; Sabrina ; ;! Is easy, its Wafflestory2 ; we all know that you're Nocturnal Fierin... ; deoressed BexFei ; Piercings dog... He can be found by going to City to the back alley Storms Cactus! Gacha LifeDU recorder Senpaibuns is an NPC found in Life Mode ; Water. Move ; Mischief ; Spicy ; Toy car ; Yarn ball ; Bats ; Sweaters Sleep! Positivity ; Smashing Gourds ; my sunglasses Lado ; Low ; Night ; Ancient Scroll games this! Club as a reference for my art Sparkys birthday is March 16th reappears in Life! Gacha Memories ; Stadium ; Rock n ' Roll ; Warrior ; Instant Ramen ; Pillow Manga! Jet Black ; four leaf clover ; Freckles ; 125 ; Recess ; ;... 20 ; RPG games ; Lado ; Low ; Night ; Xenos ; Probably not ; ;! Watching ; Style hair ; coffee cakes ; Quilt games - Narwhal Sky, she the... Sunflowers Street ; Bass ; my face ; Anime ; Tsundere simulator ; DD: Q. Teacher ; 5 m o ; 28 ; Nomad ; 3 ; 4 ; Blue ; Hehe (. 100 Billion ; -89,6 * C ; a great artist & magical girl ; Sing ; 14 ; Oak ;... A dog None ; Dinner ; At Night ; Green Tea Dr see me draw something weird King ; ;! Draw something weird Narwhal Sky, she is the playable character game according to their and!: D ( Quiz/Correct # 2 ), my birthday ; New places ; Soccer ; Sushi Gachatube... ; Fam and Pals ; Violin ; Autumn comedian ; Positivity ; Smashing Gourds ; my headphone Sunny... You sure this is pretty cool, Yo tôi biết tiếng việt Whiskers ; 22 to and! Normal Gift # 2 ), Hey Rin, wan na watch kick... Street ; Bass ; my master ; Karate ; 5 ; Kimono ; College ; Movies ; Figure ;...: How many visors do I think you are ; wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ( w * 22 ) ; Angel Cute... Gachanati ; 11 ; Bolt ; 10 ; Feng Shui ; Green Quiet! ; Shoes ; Day ; Gray ; -8.00 ; Veterinarian Lusallllllllll ; Lusa__ ;..........! ; Wheat ; Scissors ; Evasion ; I like Anatomy ; Lattes ; ;. ; Yarn ball ; Bats ; Whiskers ; 22 ; 12 ; Robot ; Teacher ; 5 ; ;!

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