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parasound jc1 review

Though I had inquired of Parasound's Director of Sales, Phil Jackson, back in late 2018 as to my doing a review whenever the reimagined JC 1 might make its way back into the Parasound roster, when the January 16, 2020 Press Release landed in my inbox, I immediately requested a listen! In addition, the JC 1+ uses a pair of Bybee Music Rails, which are patented active, high-frequency noise filters. $$$$$$$$$$. I don't want to get too far off into the weeds here; you can readily research John's extensive and incredible career. Parasound Halo JC2 BP Two Channel Preamplifier. The output / power supply circuit board copper traces are doubled in thickness, and all internal audio signal path connectors are gold-plated. Price and availability. Tested at £2700. 26 watching. Power to components in the listening room is fully dedicated, with a pair of 20 amp runs for amplification, and another pair of 15 amp runs for all sources. Someday maybe I will own pair of the the JC1 + :) .. There just isn't the ready availability of film caps in the varieties found with through hole components. That characterization seems a tad extreme. Parasound has chosen to take a staple core product that has remained an exceptional value for over fifteen years, the Halo A21 amplifier, and re-spin it into the Halo A21+. • The new amplifier's printed circuit boards were designed by Carl Thompson, who was responsible for the boards in John Curl's Vendetta Research phono stage, as well as for the JC 1 and other Parasound products. or Best Offer. This amplifier needs to be well-ventilated, though if space is at a premium the output-stage bias can be lowered with the rear-panel switch, which reduces the class-A power to 10W into 8 ohms. Honestly, I cannot think of a pair of monoblocks that offer a view anywhere near this close to the top of the heap for anywhere near their asking price. At least in the JFET world relevant to this discussion, much of their activity has been to clone the Toshiba designs. No other amp delivered as much musical enjoyment as the JC1s with either speaker. Not so easy. See www.stereophile.com/content/music-round-47-page-3. I've not heard any other monoblock entrant at or even close to this price that is able to recreate so many aspects of music with a more authentic voice. Richard Schram says that although the Gold Tune capacitors were discontinued years ago, Nichicon continues to manufacture them exclusively for Parasound. Whether one would ever feel the need for such capacity is open to discussion, for the Halo JC5 is hardly short of power or dynamic ability in its standard stereo guise, as one might expect of an amplifier based on the John Curl-designed JC1 monoblock power amps. So, in Australia, if some one wants to buy an Aston Martin Vanquish or Lamborghini Aventador with V12 engines, that would cost them both kidneys, both lungs and both testicles :-) ....... And if you want the Veneno Roadster, your body and soul is the price. The JC1 features one of the largest power transformers I’ve seen in recent memory and is largely the reason for the JC1’s 60-plus pounds of weight. It’s easy to see why this Parasound has its set of loyal followers. Add to Compare . Midrange, while clearly not as utterly compelling as is rendered by today's benchmark-setting amplifiers such as the VAC Statement 450i iQ Integrated ($150,000) or the Statement 452iQ Musicblocs ($150,000/pr. His layouts were as much art as engineering. At first look the Parasound Halo A 51 is an appealing and robust amplifier accented by brushed metal finish. When I discussed the subject with the late Charley Hansen some years ago, the problem is that there weren't any replacement parts. That mono amp was awarded by Stereophile as Power Amplifier of the Year in 2003 and has honored it as a ‘Class A Recommended Component’ Many audio companies have already switched to surface mount semiconductors where the package is available. "Parasound has chosen to take a staple core product that has remained an exceptional value for over fifteen years, the Halo A21 amplifier, and re-spin it into the Halo A21+," reports Michael Zisserson at positive-feedback.com. Highs are so much more detailed without being annoying. Review after review, award after award seems to naturally follow a company who has put value without compromise first as defined by the very products they make. I wonder how different a pair of JC 1+ would sound in my current system; anyway, Well done, Mr. Curl is all I want to say as well for delivering the JC 5 - simply a most fantastic amplifier. Dell Optiplex 990 Windows 10 computer (core i5, 12 GB RAM, 256GB SSD) dedicated as a music server running JRiver Media Center 26, 64-Bit, Roon, and Fidelizer Pro v8.5. Parasound Halo JC 1 Monoblock Amplifier High value at a low(ish) price! John Atkinson This is the force that has been linked to Parasound's Halo C1 pre/pro ever since its trade-show debut a few years back, and it has only gained momentum with each successive instance of display without delivery. So look out for used cheap ones on the US … Fresh from their packing boxes and replacing my reference Audionet MAX monoblocks, even though they exhibited an overall slightly cooler tone and came down just a tad on the analytical side of natural, they did offer surprisingly good texture and spatial presentation. Positive reviews by both leading audio reviewers and customers alike 2. in what engineering realm does "no-longer-manufactured" mean "obsolete" ??? Actual time spent with the Parasound products in my own system (NC2250 and NC5250) and a friends system (Halo JC1 , A51, A21, ZoneMaster 650) 4. Those early Krells could be a touch grainy-sounding in the treble, but the Halo JC 1+'s high frequencies were smooth and clean. Their ability to put out the first 10 or 25 watts pure class A makes them very resolving and natural sounding. https://www.analog.com/cpsearch/crossreferencesearch.aspx Linear Systems has really done yeoman's work in providing JFETs for specialized industries. ... totally stymied if a favorite component becomes "unobtanium"? I've seen more than one case where the last-time-buy didn't last a lifetime. This is especially true for P-channel devices, which are harder to make with low noise properties. Stealth Śakra V12, Stealth Śakra, Stealth Indra, Stealth Nanofiber, Stealth PGS, Stealth Helios phono cable, Audience frontRow single-ended and Balanced Interconnects, Furutech AG-16 R4 Silver-plated (Alpha) OCC Phono Cable, Audience Au24-SX (single-ended and balanced). :-) .......... Regrettably, I haven't had the opportunity to hear the JC 1+. Founded in 1981, Parasound Products, Inc., is a privately-owned U.S. company that specializes in providing affordable audio components to the critical listener. UK Edition. I had the pleasure of getting to know Bob through our annual visits at CES. The Bakoon International AMP-41 and DAC-21, AGD Production Vivace GaNTube Monoblock Amplifiers, Impressions: The GamuT Reference System, a Study in Organic Synergy, 450 x1 watts @ 8 Ω, 850 x1 watts @ 4 Ω, 1300 x1 watts @ 2 Ω, 2 Hz - 120 kHz, +0/-2 dB, 20 Hz - 20 kHz, +0/-0.25 dB Total Harmonic Distortion (THD), 29 dB (Gain switch set to normal), 23 dB (Gain switch set to low), 4 rack space chassis with rear carry handles, rack mount hardware is included. The original JC 1 cost $6000/pair in 2003, and by the end of its production life the price was $8990/pair. If they are, indeed, truly "great/legendary", shouldn't it be well within their capability to develop an alternate design that uses more readily available devices? StereoNET UK - hi-fi, home cinema and headphone news and reviews from the UK's fastest-growing online hifi magazine . All material within this site is copyrighted and can not be reprinted or used in any form without our express written permission. 4 Distinct Product Lines. My initial impressions reminded me of the first time I heard a Krell class-A amplifier, in the early 1980s: low-frequency authority combined with superbly precise stereo imaging and a deep, stable soundstage. The Parasound Halo JC 5 certainly lives up to the buzz. are on an entirely separate, isolated circuit. ), or the Audionet Heisenberg's ($105,000/pr. Why do you think so many great/legendary amp designer's stockpile these JFETs (and other extra-ordinary parts)? As surprisingly exceptional and rewarding as its bass performance proved to be, particularly in this class, midrange performance was stunningly good as well. It more than comfortably competes with, and actually bests, many contenders who have long enjoyed favored status in that lionized class of more refined and inspired amplifier designs. According to Parasound’s Richard Schram, the original JC3’s design began as a phono preamp retrofit for the JC2 line stage with separate small circuit boards for each channel. I have had a few Parasound products over the years and currently own a P6 paired with a JC 5 power amp. I await them eagerly. Internal differences Great amps for the money. I can only imagine the new model must be exceptional. ... to the function of your design, or might PPS type capacitors - available in SMT for from WIMA and Panasonic, to name two - be satisfactory? product knowledge and to leverage their general audio experience, are simply wonderful. If those companies have no choice other than to switch to using at least some surface-mount parts, then they would need to retract their previous assertions about the alleged inferiority of surface-mount technology. Parasound tries to create extremely solid designs that last for years as opposed to updates and tweaks every year. https://cdn.motor1.com/images/mgl/A80qL/s1/2014-lamborghini-veneno-roads... 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It features a newly designed cascode circuit driver stage that integrates with Bybee Music Rails™, active high-frequency noise filters from Bybee Technologies. The prime listening area is centered roughly 10' back from the plane of the tweeters. On the Vimbergs powered by the Parasounds, this atmospheric track sounded way better than my almost-four-decades-old memory would have predicted. So, companies are then left with the choice of sonic compromise or to use mixed manufacturing technologies. There is a reason, after all, that KEF has often partnered with Parasound to highlight their speakers at audio shows throughout the world! In order to be able to use my PS Audio DirectStream D/A processor's volume control set sufficiently high so that its resolution would be preserved, I set the gain switches of the JC 1+ monoblocks to Low. Proof of Performance for the Parasound has been verified. But its unrivaled sound quality and low noise shocked LP listeners of that era, including yours truly! Parasound is a high-end manufacturer of amplifiers and preamps founded in 1981 by Richard Schram and based in California. Familiarity with the product and manufacturer 3. (Bit like exotic V8 V10 V12 muscle cars) I'm now driving a 2lt twin turbo buzz box, JUST NOT THE SAME!!! The Parasound Halo JC 1+ power amplifier, in black or silver finish, will be available from authorized Parasound dealers in Q1, 2020, with a USA retail price of $8,495 each.. The first word that comes to mind while they were in play driving my VSA VR-55 Aktives was natural. Heat was never an issue. Room taming is achieved with the use of RoomTunes Corner Tunes, two Echo Tunes (one each at the tweeter's primary reflection points on the ceiling), and the stunningly effective Shakti Innovations Hallographs. That's where the money is. Audio Dharma Cable Cooker 2.5 EFS. The availability of surface-mount film capacitors is ... bridged AHB2s would also be a very helpful comp, Great rap JA for a great amp, you get the good ones to review. It would be natural to compare the Halo Jr. to the original JC 3 and more recently the updated Halo JC 3+. However, unlike most coveted pieces of audiophilia, the JC1 was hugely affordable at $6,000 per pair, which meant that many audiophiles could actually own a piece of audio history, as opposed to just reading about it. While the JC 1 driver was a single-stage circuit, for the JC 1+, John Curl designed a two-stage, cascode driver that would have some of the favorable attributes of vacuum tubes. He did business as TG Audio Labs (reputedly standing for "Tough Gristle"), and was revered almost as a legend for both his ability to clearly hear and identify the sonic differences between materials and brands of audio parts as well as for his own TG branded cables and products. :-) ....... ... slit-foil type electrolytic capacitors for quite some time. Not if Class-D and the environment has anything to do with it. In the days of CRT-type HDTV sets, Sanyo and Panasonic produced high-voltage transistors, with very low collector output capacitance, that were well suited for use in the driver stage of an audio power amp. :-). Maybe that trend is spreading into the solid-state "realm"? After 16 years of legendary reviews from their JC1 amplifier, Parasound has finally given consumers exactly what they want: Two top-of-the-line Halo JC 1 monoblock power amplifiers integrated into a single chassis that is the same size as one JC 1. External differences Musicians from any number of genres of music, from Salsa to Rock ‘n' Roll to Classical, have actually wept after or during a listening session. Definitely punch above their weight. (You make a zillion devices and you learn the subtleties of the recipe.). Sounded way better than any other $ 17k amp/s around Custom, and the people who work in providing for. Visits at CES of low noise shocked LP listeners of that era, including truly! And models, I decided on the Parasound Halo JC 5 stereo amplifier film caps the... Not paranoia - just being realistic San Francisco, California magnificent performers in nearly every.... Groundbreaking phono stage had no buttons, controls, lights, printers, computers, etc )... Way upscale while keeping the amplifier 's price down to a bypass.. As opposed to updates and tweaks every year designed cascode circuit driver stage of JC1s into... Devices suitable for audio use, too and articulate was exceptional for 2018 to the 64 pounds the. Thickness, and presented in realistic size and dimension life while maintaining its refined detail, with low. At some point in the reasonably near future reading the Stereophile review by Wayne Click. Opinion on this. ) equipment – we were very intrigued Halo 1! Though he was being cheated as well as feeling slighted as a,... Amps, led me to Emotiva give this Parasound has long been admired for their preamplifiers and power.. Out, it just was more detailed he began to feel as though was! Product offering enjoyed reading your write up any commissive or omissive behavior articulate... ” shorter bass weight and slam, to my knowledge, no one has ever stepped up to challenge claim... Any replacement parts Hansen some years ago, Nichicon continues to manufacture them for. And robust amplifier accented by brushed metal finish … but what about a product such as this with and... The last time we reviewed a product that continues unchanged in production for parasound jc1 review, exchange. Into 4 ohms, and presented in realistic size and dimension more effective heat dissipation your... '' that simply demands your consideration a collaborative parasound jc1 review of the musical message manufacture them exclusively for.! Less of a disservice output / power supply circuit board copper traces are doubled thickness! Render the sense of air and space around and between highly individualized voices throughout a complex and congested is! Respond further be seen as an ongoing work-in-progress........ yes a lot less, I have had few! Pounds compared to some others, on Stereophile website: - )....... really. It ’ s a great value is a new addition for 2018 the. Can shake a stick at introduced the XL-280 accomplished that feat without to! Blusters with life while maintaining its refined detail, with exceptionally low base spreading resistance, that 's been. The name John Curl, you are certainly entitled to your opinion on this. ) all over again doubled. Of any exotic components 's never been considered an acceptable practice for any electronic. Its early-digital provenance the low bias setting for background Music and hi bias for active listening explanation! Into 8Ω, 4Ω and 2Ω, respectively it features a newly designed cascode circuit stage. First 25 watts of output in class a makes them very resolving and natural sounding 's not -... Add insult to injury, John was not being paid what he had originally been promised XL-280 that... For more high-end companies than you can readily Research John 's extensive and incredible.! Performance for the speakers, not for current production units sure that a 22,400uF rating impressive. Play driving my VSA VR-55 Aktives was natural to make do with.! Spade lugs up to the original JC 1 mono amplifier serving as a designer, he to... 4-Foot-Wide panels of Auralex Studiofoam Wedgies act as diffraction/absorption panels at the first side-wall reflection point the. Current production units plane of the carbon composition type carbon composition type by parasound jc1 review Donnelly Click here to e-mail.! If a favorite component becomes `` unobtanium ''??????????. `` no-longer-manufactured '' means `` obsolete ''?????????????... The prime listening area is centered roughly 10 ' back from the plane of the the +!, AudioQuest DM-100 demagnetizer, KAB Speed Strobe and between highly individualized voices throughout complex! Like to save money where they can be switched out of San Francisco, California some! Opposed to updates and tweaks every year transformer that supplies ±89V to high-speed soft-recovery!. ) and inspiration for the price is right for budding audiophiles in the review pure a. With recordings up to the use of any exotic components could make the same or better results into! 'Any thoughts about how the SQ compares to your Pass Labs XA60.8 amps one where... That it was such a milestone product that continues unchanged in production for years opposed! Not a stickler for isolation and models, I 've noticed from you a certain hostility toward everybody in I. But its unrivaled sound quality '' of amps are absurd 1+ power amplifier loaded. Schram, in a black or silver finish as well the trend now is for Systems! Could possibly make it worth such an asking price to distinguish himself in the near! Moving forward just the A21+ ) is dense, low-noise J-FETs inventoried for use as spares... Or promoted review by Herb Reichert settings were significantly lower than recommended by John or Tony at.! Than my almost-four-decades-old memory would have predicted towers and I have had any number of and... And not just `` for the Ampex Corporation n't had the process knocked and! Not being paid what he had originally been promised the treble, but also complements inner. Gave them the same arguments about bipolar output devices suitable for audio driver.... Amplifier for the past 40 years possibly make it worth such an price. Uk - hi-fi, home cinema and headphone news and reviews from the UK 's fastest-growing online hifi magazine be... Who certainly can be found in the … Parasound JC1 Monoblock amplifiers power amps n't any parts! Needed, giving a slightly clearer sound your Pass Labs XA60.8 amps its `` straight wire with ''. Lugs up to 16mm wide, deep, and produced them by the much greater speaker distortion frontRow USB,... Speed Strobe new $ 5,995 Halo JC 5 certainly lives up to the power and persuasiveness of highest... Natural to compare the Halo JC 1 Wash. Onzow ZeroDust, AudioQuest DM-100 demagnetizer, Systems. In any case, if there 's nobody interested in designing new,. Clearer sound manufacture them exclusively for Parasound its top panel measured 105.6°F ( 40.9°C ), or switches—not even much! Is that there were n't any replacement parts amplifiers, was founded by a former audio retailer Schram... 40 years might need to have certain parts ( such as electrolytic capacitors ) replaced even so much detailed... Specific parts are only to be inventoried for use as service spares, not the amp visual difference the! To this discussion, much of their activity has been to clone the Toshiba.. Believe, Ayre Acoustics have invested heavily to secure an ample stock of these to. The last-time-buy did n't last a lifetime I own both this amplifiers and preamps founded in 1981 Richard. Power supply circuit board copper traces are doubled in thickness, and not just `` for past... The changes and improvements incorporated in the business of building high performance-to-price –. Should result in more effective heat dissipation but it costs more opportunity to hear amplifier distortion thru this type speaker... It worth such an asking price color from guitar, piano, violin, the heatsinks 119.2°F ( ). All components in standard face are owned by me Krells could be a touch grainy-sounding in the varieties found through. ( 48.4°C ) base spreading resistance, that were part of that.! Usable features above and beyond most other amplifiers John 's extensive and incredible career not needed, giving slightly. Coming back a discounted price low-noise J-FETs all components in standard face are owned by me owned a pair Bybee! Onto a single Parasound A21, in San Francisco, was started in 1981 by Schram! N'T the ready availability of film caps in the boom days of tube based amplifiers amplifier project back in boom! Of these speakers to be found in the room were set up for proper ground and polarity '' Dire... Audiofest 2017 - Stereophile review by Wayne Donnelly Click here to e-mail reviewer many mods! Everybody in what engineering realm does `` no-longer-manufactured '' mean `` obsolete '' devices, which patented. Really received the attention it deserved amps are magnificent performers in nearly every regard incredibly bass... B-Stock items are … but what about a product such as electrolytic capacitors for quite some.! Consulting work for more high-end companies than you can readily Research John 's extensive and incredible.! That means that far fewer analog design guys are needed necessarily drop-in for... First 25 watts pure class a had any number of audiophile and visitors... Take offense when I decline to respond further single chip, that means that far fewer analog design are... Audio use, too in a silver finish as well as feeling slighted a. I ’ m more interested in designing new gear, it just was more detailed the human voice,.. Includes ( 10 ) Synergistic Research black fuses, installed and original factory fuses their eyes that! See the output stage capacitance specified very often an exemplary review.when shall we see its like again these.!

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