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rdr2 bayou nwa stranger

So... was Arthur raped? Random guy walks up to me and says something like “I heard about you. The Night Folk can be encountered in all swamp regions of Lemoyne (specially Bayou Nwa and Bluewater Marsh); The Mob, which is headed by Angelo Bronte until the mission Revenge is a Dish Best Eaten and then by Guido Martelli after the epilogue, can be encountered all around Saint Denis. The online component of RDR2 allows you to not only compete against one another in the Showdown Series, a playlist of different modes ranging from Battle Royale style to deathmatch modes, but also complete missions and other activities together.. The region consists of bayous and swamps fed by Kamassa River flowing south from Roanoke Ridge, with the metropolis of Saint Denis in the east. He knew the shack’s location? About Sonny (Bayou Nwa stranger) Question. Comments; ... in the heart of Lemoyne's Bayou Nwa. 179. They are carnivorous apex predators, feeding on fish, birds, amphibians and mammals. They seem to grow next to bodies of water, so that’s something you’ll probably find useful. I got raped by this dude in my first play through and then got heckled about it in town later. I ran backwards and forwards between the two. Arthur was in and out of it and this dude was calling him a “pet” and something about friendship and how I’m not that “tough” and then I woke up in a different location with attention being on Arthur’s leg and butt kinda with him saying „oh jesus” or something. » Red Dead Redemption 2 Stranger Missions Walkthrough Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. For me, that asshole made me lose it. Instead of finding three hard-to-find clues, this one involves encountering creepy jumpscares in the swamps at night. Wipe them out to complete the quest. 12 notes You took it up the ass man. I started threatening him but he kept saying he didn’t do anything and Arthur was just usual self with well, well and all. Because yes, he raped Arthur, but all his size and muscle r useless if he's unconscious. I was wearing a pig mask, covered in blood, and holding a hatchet but he still invited me in. Now I only antagonize him. Hidden Easter eggs, cut game-file content and much more! More specifically, this tricky bird spawns in the Bayou Nwa area, directly north of Saint Denis and east of the Kamassa River. Approach her and interact, and she’ll lunge at you with a knife. These dirty in-bred monsters only appear at night in Bayou Nwa, north of Saint Denis, and they haunt the swamps. What’s the deal with that. Their omnivorous diet usually consists of dog food made up from meat, vegetable matter, and offal. They don’t play fair, so be prepared to use Dead Eye, or this might be your final night in the bayou. First, wait until it’s the dead of night. In case of that sibling duo I could understand their reasoning as they assumed Arthur was dead/dying, but here? Posted by 1 year ago. Says he knows you real well” and then laughs and walks off. Treasure hunts are a great way to get your hands on a lot of cash in Red Dead Redemption 2 without getting your hands near as dirty as you would pulling off a robbery. In Red Dead Online, players can band together in Posses. To check the time, make sure you purchase a Pocket Watch from a general store and press down on the D-Pad. This is not a mystery dude. The spot I found it was above the Y in Bayou Nwa. These dirty in-bred monsters only appear at night in Bayou Nwa… I killed him and looted his body and cabin but no further info. The choice to threaten or persuade in RDR2 occurs during the A Quiet Time mission in Chapter 2. Keep the butthole tight!!!!! Close. Red Dead Redemption 2 is filled with secrets both easy and hard to find. The region is mostly flat and low-lying characterized by floodplains and an … When you meet the barefoot and shirtless stranger Sonny, he asks if you're looking for a friend. 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Carries him to the horse and leads him really far away from the shack? More Red Dead Redemption 2 guides on Gameranx: To unlock the unique “A Fine Night For It” stranger mission, you’ll first need to experience at least one Nightfolk chance encounter in the Lagras / Lakay swamps area. The Night Folk are a rare, spooky group of backwoods killers you might never encounter in your playthrough of Red Dead Redemption 2. Go to the Bayou Nwa, and explore the paths outside the main swamp / lake at night between 10PM and 5AM. You’ll need to experience one of the following encounters: Complete any of these random encounters, then rest and a Stranger Mission will appear in the swamp. Ultimate, League of Legends: Wild Rift Beta Begins This March, Covid Is Impacting Path of Exile 2 Release, The Best Video Game Deals Right Now | Discounted Games Guide. January 7, 2021 | In Uncategorized In Uncategorized | By By There is a jetty and a hut on stilts a little to the west. Listen man, when the developers made lemoyne, they filled it up with A LOT of fucked up shit. It's even funnier with John; it would explain the way he walks. I heard about this before I encountered him so I just shot a dynamite arrow into his cabin. Red Dead Online is all about enjoying a huge open world together with other players. Red Dead Redemption 2: How To Unlock The Spooky Night Folk Stranger Mission | Chance Encounters Guide, Red Dead Redemption 2: 36 Tips, Tricks & Hidden Mechanics | What The Game Doesn’t Explain, Red Dead Redemption 2: 15 Features You Might Not Know About | Beginner’s Guide, Red Dead Redemption 2: Get Unlimited Ammo, Super Horses & More | Cheat Codes List, Red Dead Redemption 2: How To Solve Every Treasure Map | Locations Guide, Red Dead Redemption 2: Where To Find A Fairytale Hill House | Easter Egg Guide, Red Dead Redemption 2: How To Earn Money Fast | Easy Cash Guide ($3,000+), Red Dead Redemption 2: How To Get A (Free!) On the way, you’ll find strung-up corpses in disgusting positions. I knew I had something coming, but I want to explore it all so I followed him inside and of course he hit me and I blacked out. They can kill you in a single attack. ‘Voices’: You’ll hear a strange voice. Red Dead Redemption 2 Channel Catfish is one of the five large-sized fish species you can catch in the video game developed by Rockstar Studios. Guides, PS4, red dead redemption 2, Xbox One /. Spoiler Warning: You cannot get the treasure these maps lead to until after the Epilogue. Red Dead Redemption 2 has been out for several months by now, but the adventure and delight it is providing to gamers has not ceased.To call Red Dead Redemption 2 a good game would be an insult.It is a fantastic game. Features / also I keep killing this guy and he keeps reappearing? In fact, compared to the other four (Longnose Gar, Muskie, Lake Sturgeon, and Northern Pike) the Chanel Catfish is the largest, based on its legendary variation.The RDR2 Channel Catfish is endemic to the swamps of the Bayou Nwa area … He lives in the Bayou, man, he's working the dark arts. Go to the little rectangle below the letter “N” in the Bayou NWA text: It’s to the left of the legendary animal in the area, so you shouldn’t miss it: Once you’ve marked it, just ride to the area (preferably at night to add to the mood), and you’ll see a house in the middle of nowhere. There r ghosts, zombies, the Aberdeen pig farm ain't far, alligators every time you try to cross a river and even talking trees if I'm not mistaken. ... Bayou Nwa… ‘Stalking Shadows’: You’ll hear a woman wailing for help in the swamp. If it's the day, sleep at a saloon and it'll fast forward to night time. This page takes you through the Stranger Mission or Sidequest Duchesses and Other Animals in Red Dead Redemption 2. More Night Folk will ambush you. A rifle will pierce through an Alligator's tough, armored body plates. Press J to jump to the feed. Watch Queue Queue. I had Bill say that to me right after I got back to camp. red dead redemption 2 rdr2 rdr2 arthur rdr2 community rdr2 horses featuring pigtail the horse bayou nwa lakay rdr2 i love the bayou area a Lot video games screenshot arthur morgan pc gaming rdr2 photomode.

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