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I mean you can use it as that too. #35. They are also known as a Get Out of Dodge bag (GOOD), a 72 Hour Bag/Kit, a “grab bag”, a “battle box” or a “Personal Emergency Relocation Kit” (PERK).A simpler one is the “Get Home Bag”. Whistle – Another time honored emergency signaling tool, a whistle can also be used for rudimentary communication using Morse code or pre-arranged signals with another member of your group. This bug out bag list is intended for one person. Good Luck and God bless you. #136. Portable Water Filter. #77. #122. Throw a few in with your small tools. More of my backpacking gear is moving into my BOB. Use this to keep from catching or spreading them. #61. Duct tapes uses are limited only by your imagination, and has had whole books written about it. #82. Take it a step further than the average bear and be prepared ahead of time for when SHTF. Of course environment matters. or an EMP, you could put it in a Faraday cage. You may consider a pair of each, nested inside one another to cover your bases. A pocket purifier is what I suggest. A hat, with brim, wool, one each, with wool scarf, usable in cold and heat. Hello, First, you can take photos every mile or so to find your way back if you get lost. Spices and Seasonings – A packet of various seasonings or bouillon cubes to enhance the flavor your meals. Solar Charger – Thanks to advances in design and manufacturing, these gadgets are more affordable than ever. pack. Mosquitoes, ticks, biting flies and more all hunger for your blood, and aside from being profoundly irritating their bites may transmit debilitating diseases. No bug out bag list would be complete without the actual bag itself! Others may require immediate, high speed relocation of one’s self and family members. Some nicer models even have a charging port built in for USB’s or 12v adapters. In reality I would go for something much less if I had to run off on foot with a view of surviving a few days. #96. B. Also handy for shaving. #67. Tooth decay, aside from being extremely painful, can lead to life-threatening infections. Take only what you need to take care of your body and survive. Working on putting this together for 3 people. However, everyone’s Bug Out Bag list is going to be different so it pays to visualize potential disaster scenarios. While Adam Sandler’s Jill believes “It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it,” that is not the case in a bug out bag.. … If your house catches fire or if there is an earthquake (or worse) – you won’t have time to think and pack; you have to respond immediately – within seconds. What you could choose to do is have a second, smaller bag, filled with non-essentials, or use pre-packed “modules” of various items and choose to leave or take them as the situation dictates. Nothing beats animal protein for sustaining energy levels and muscle mass during periods of exertion. As you can probably notice, he’s truly prepared when it comes to hydration. A small carpenter’s hammer will work best, but you could also use your hatchet if it has a hammer poll. Keeping these clean and sanitary over time is challenging, but benefits outweigh the drawbacks for mobility. Keep in mind, a well-designed bug out bag should weigh no more than 25% of your body weight, assuming you are in average physical condition and are not overweight. The go bag list includes enough rations to survive for 72 hours, while also providing the tools to gather additional provisions and survive longer. Socks – Bring several pairs. I have and use two different Schrade Tactical knives, one with a drop point, and the other with a Tanto point. The purpose of a Bug Out Bag is to function as a … Pot Scrubber – Used to keep your metal cookery and cups clean. Make sure it is reliable, clean, oiled and you know how to use it. No pun intended…. Condoms – It may seem odd to have these in one’s BOB, but consider their many uses. If on a flash drive, ensure they are encrypted and key protected. Water is everywhere. GPS – Absolutely lifesaving, if they have signal and power. #53. Don’t forget the weight of batteries. Compact Digital Camera – There are a couple of things you can do with a digital camera. It has rubber wheels and rated for 250 lbs. Potassium Iodide – In the event of a radiological threat, be it a power plant meltdown, nuclear strike or dirty bomb, fallout will present a major hazard. #129. #18. All the best. if you do, you’d end up with a very heavy bug out bag! #117. Rub well ! This could be as simple as a lighter or as complex as a flint and steel. #127. Water Filter – The LifeStraw is good but the Sawyer Mini filters 300-400 times more water, is half the size, and comes with a bunch of accessories. #39. Makes pathfinding and navigation trivial with a little practice. I totally agree! #34. I think that is quite a decent pack for 72 hours in a disaster evacuation. They are too expensive and miss important items, such as medication, pet care items, and so on. IDs and Documents –Make copies of all your important IDs and other documents, either paper or on a flash drive, and take them with you. Also, lithium batteries are considerably lighter than their alkaline counterparts. Most paste varieties also make a decent metal polish. #112. Try to pack high caloric foods as well. You won’t be leaving this on all the time, so the hand-crank power supply means you’ll save weight and space on batteries besides not running out of juice till you do! 5.11 3 Day Rush Backpack. Whatever you are wearing will do, or whatever seems ok to you. #59. No need to wash while walking outside. Do you know how to use this item? Included should be band-aids, antiseptic swabs, ointments, burn relief product and doses of meds for things like headache, allergy, etc. Peanut butter is always a popular choice. Note that like all weapons this will require considerable practice to use effectively. Nail Clippers – Another basic element of hygiene. Editorial Staff at The Survival Journal is a team of survival experts in a range of survival expertise from wilderness survival, disaster preparedness, to preparing for the next financial collapse. This is what I see as the purpose of the Bug Out Bag, a cheap form of insurance for a broad array of black swan events. A tent is quickly very heavy, avoid when possible if 72 hours is the goal, so you could use a tarp setup. Keeping your teeth in good condition is paramount. Chocolate – A luxury item until very recently in human history. A water filter is also recommended. The very first item to choose is the right Bug Out Bag and, whilst there are many competing opinions on what may be best, it really comes down to two points: #38. #33. Make sure it’s full tang and big enough you can baton with it. A blanket is lots of things too: its a towel, its a coat, its a sleeping mat, its a tent, its a bag …. Does not run out of fuel, so to speak, and can be used in the coldest temperatures with ease. I also like and carry if needed the Swiss Army Tinker knife. These are essentials. You can hunt, kill, build, and protect yourself with it. It takes a painful few days for your feet to get used to the prospect of walking without straining your muscles but after that they just roll… and you can say goodbye to any back, knee of foot pains. Select gloves based on requirements: a heavy leather pair offers unparalleled protection, but makes delicate tasks or running guns very difficult. If not look at a…. Keep it in a water proof container. Not as versatile as a knife, but if you are living in a heavily forested area you should consider carrying one. I don’t care how tasty your rhubarb preserves are, leave them in the pantry! Your email address will not be published. Note that they are not plug-and-play: a certain level of skill is required, and they are power hungry. Medical Supplies. People leaving comments here have lamented, some times at length, about how long these lists of supplies are. This list is based on what you can pick. Health items. #12. (Kaolin), If you plan on carrying any important documents, print them out on Write-in-the-Rain paper. Pop Tarts – Too little nutritional value, and impossible to keep intact outside of hard container. – put the rest in your car’s trunk This is really all you need and should be the basis of any kit. This is another item that will do you no good if you do not already have the know-how: if you aren’t practiced, leave it at home. My bags are water proof and the sled has a cover and I use a body safety strap so I can be hands free. Go for a technical garment that is light, flexible and quick drying. #42. Aspercrèam – Sometimes you have a stitch or other muscle ache that is persistent. Last Updated March 28, 2020 by Editorial Staff. Hand Sanitizer – Used after cooking, cleaning, nature’s call or exposure to other biohazards. It could maybe take a few pounds off and like hardtack, it lasts a long time. #17. Hard Candy – Preferred by some to get quick energy on the go. Bandannas – Useful for keeping sun off your head, face and neck, mopping sweat, as impromptu dressings and countless other mundane tasks. Remember 50 years ago Tactical knives didn’t exist. There are also bivak sacks now that double as a miniscule tent for head area. Compressed Sponge – A sponge can be a useful item for wicking up water from surfaces that are unexploitable any other way. Hard-Tack– Lightweight and carb dense, which you’ll need if you are being very active. Slingshot – An ancient but effective weapon, a modern slingshot loaded with ball bearing ammunition is no toy. My choice will be, as everyone’s choice will be, to pick those items each of us are currently familar with, or are willing to learn. As simple as a paracord bracelet or a spool of bank line will be good . You can knit a dough with that and make a basic pancake, do not even technically need a pan for it. Take time to ascertain limitations before committing to carrying one. Footwear (in addition to hikers) – If you can spare the weight, a backup pair of hiking shoes or boots will ensure you stay mobile while waiting on a pair to dry out, or furnish a replacement if your primaries get damaged. These are designed to absorb and wick fluid away from the wound site. #111. If you’d like a free PDF download of this page, just click the button below and you’ll instantly download it. Like everything else on this list, buy quality. A strong dose can punch out a reaction before it takes hold, but beware: it will make you very drowsy. #44. Sleeping Bag with pad – Chosen according to climate and weather endemic to your locale. If you have signal and the networks are still functional, nothing beats a cell phone for convenience and speed of communication. So have a quality knife in your BOB. where as the soft stuff is gone so quickly. Think things like mortgages, wills, banking info, deeds, etc. Paracord is immensely strong for its size, and can be used for everything from shelter to trapping and more. #7. #115. Tight, strong, reliable rope can be used in dozens of helpful ways. A campfire draws a lot of attention). Small Hammer and Nails –For quickly assembling wood into something resembling a dwelling, nailing is ideal. The rest of the available weight: food. Get a good pair made of quality steel that will allow sterilization. First Aid and Sanitation. Every survivalist needs a bug out bag list to stay prepared for any SHTF scenario. You can use them to carry water, keep your long gun’s muzzle from filling with water or dirt, and more. Prepare With The Winter Survival Guide, Prepper Projects To Perfect Your Prepping, Join The Best Online Survival Communities For Prepping Support, The Best Survival eBooks To Prepare For The Next Crisis. Do go nuts here: a small container or flat packs are ideal. Extra Keys – For home or vehicle. Fill them out … #87. Tinder is important to ensure you can start a fire using larger fuel wood effectively. #71. Shelter is one of them. Carriage will necessarily be strapped to the outside of your BOB, so work out the details before hand to ensure you will not be overly unbalanced. Backup Knife – Similar to above. #36. Clothes for Bugging Out. #52. #124. 72 Hour BugOut Bag List EMERGENCY GO-BAG items to consider: EXTRA __Survival and First Aid Manuals (Put some on a b/w kindle which can charge easily on a solar charger and last for hours!) We all have our own ideas on what a bug-out bag should contain and sometimes it’s best to agree to disagree. While not 100% effective (what is?) Gun Cleaning Kit – Depending on the length of your anticipated excursion, this could be a multi-section rod with a few patches and bottle of oil or a more complete gun care kit with spare parts. So at least 72 hours, although a good BOB should keep you alive way longer than that. If there is any chance you’ll be outside anywhere but the hottest climates bring an insulating outerwear top. Alcohol or mini wood-gas stove. Water will be plentiful but you would still want to purify it. #37. Quality and performance varies wildly with price. #8. #3. Useful information. 1) binoculars or monocular #101. Comprehensive first aid kit. You can see below: a solid survival knofe, a portable camping stove, fuel cubes fire starters, several ways to start a fire, and more. Total Cost of This Bug Out Bag. At the end you will know what you can hump & what you NEED. There are some situations where swelling or other considerations make simple removal of clothing impossible. Very practical….. Amazon has them, a variety of colors and patterns 6 or 9 for $9.99. For example, don’t pack potassium iodide if you’re not prepping for a nuclear fallout. Seeds. Coat depending on weather. If you have other people with you that can’t carry their own weight (children, disabled people, etc. Vitamins – A small supply of multivitamins packed down into a baggie. It will be very good to have a filter system and heading to some place with water, and some emergency water, maybe even 2-3 liter maximum. Make sure that your stainless steel water bottle is SINGLE walled. Make sure it has a generous hood. Some preppers prefer more gear, others prefer a minimalist approach. However, if you have the means for, say, a bug-out vehicle making the weight and space issue of a Notebook and Pen/Pencil – For taking notes, leaving messages, sketching, and last ditch tinder. Use clippers to keep them short, clean and strong. #121. Bar Soap – Used for bathing. You likely won’t need a whole bottle (hopefully!). Where can I #106. You don’t need extreme high output for this; focus on comfort and long run time. Make sure you have one with extremely fine mesh, as other jerk biting insects like no-see-ums and other tiny flies can get through the average mosquito net. The drop point knife also has a thicker blade, better lock, and handle, making it the heaviest and thickest of my tactical knives. 4. #55. Multi-Tool – A multi-tool will allow you to have the most commonly used tools in a small package. Personally I might still want to carry a toothbrush along, though ! EMT/Trauma Shears – If you need to cut off clothing, webbing or footwear to access an injury these are your best bet. Flashlight, crank powered- For backup and long-duration events. A strong and reliable tactical knife. Its a vacuum in between the walls not a gas so what’s there to expand? #66. Mosquito Netting – Stopping or sleeping in an area infested with mosquitoes without one of these will teach you what aggravation is. #113. You can layer them based on insulation and padding needs, and rotate them regularly. Water Bottle, stainless steel – No paint or coatings. It lists for around $42.00 but is on sale for $26.00 often. Having them on a checklist would be a good idea. A roll takes up little space and weighs almost nothing. #11. That way you can purify any water you need to and refill your canteen so you have clean water to drink on an ongoing basis if you need to. I am not a knife authority or expert by any criteria. No motor, you work it back and forth by hand to cut wood. – remove things that are heavy (extra water, canned food, books) Let us know below and we’ll make sure we add it. Ensure they are trail-tested and broken in before you need them! Baby Powder – Very helpful in controlling moisture, especially in humid climates. #20. Used for supplementary cooking, gathering water from multiple drip sources and sharing. #30. Two is one, one is none. A reversible type with camo on one side and a high-vis color for signaling is a good idea and will improve versatility even more. The total cost of this bug out bag and supplies was around $800. Now it’s time to discuss another kit, the everyday carry kit or EDC Kit.. #14. #108. Blanket: I guess maybe, blankets are really one of those items that you forget but wish you had when it gets really cold. Other clothing as appropriate. A strong, sturdy canteen that won’t break or get destroyed easily. #120. Practice before the SHTF. When disaster strikes, you’ll perhaps have time to figure out whether you can take everything you want with you or not. Great article! And you never know when it will come in handy. The 5″ Firebox has a “boiler ring” that fits nicely around a 40 oz Klean Kanteen. We mentioned before that there is no one perfect B.O.B. Does that particular item fit with your survival plan? What are the strategies (criteria) for BOB, 72 hour Bag, vehicle Bag? There are always those few things that some folks just will not be happy without. #114. Or should have. Below we’ll assess the items you should consider in categories essential to survival. Take care of your feet! Cups, stainless steel – Bring two nested ones, preferably ones that will nest around your bottle or canteen. Don’t pack winter clothing if you live in Texas – you won’t need it! This is only a few days ! Every type of BOB and most survival kits should at the very least have these categories of items. It is handy and takes a lot of goodies, even my folding reclining chair for the old man. If you are willing to invest the time to utilize them, consider it. However, no B.O.B. You don’t need to sip on a straw, much too complex, that thing is not multi-purpose. Wise Food Storage has good, available offerings. #75. #23. #107.Medical Tape – Mandatory for securing bandages, dressings and more. More information Find this Pin and more on Food Storage/ Emergency by Christina Bertagnini Gillies . The only exception is that if it takes you more than an hour to get to work. But it’s essential. Electronics: nothing, except a flashlight. What is a Bug Out Bag (BOB)? Gun and Ammo – Pistol, rifle or shotgun, a firearm will serve as your best means of defenses from two- and four-legged critters, as well as your primary game-getter. In the event of loss or breakage this will save the day. Headlamp – Terrific when on the move or when you need to go hands free and don’t want to hold a flashlight in your teeth. that we missed in this post? these are a simple hedge against malnutrition. Leatherman, Gerber, SOG and Victorinox all make good models. Will check your list in detail later, thanks. Hope that helps you and would love to hear how you.are making out Good Luck! This free printable grocery list is easy to download (in PDF or DOC format), customize (DOC version only), and print. Zero Spam. #10. Most have a rudimentary hole or notch to be used as a sight. If you get thirsty, you aren’t dying yet. In this post, we’re going over just the most important items for your bug-out bag. Or multiple knives. E-Tool / Folding Shovel – The classic military entrenching tool, whatever guise it comes in, is strong and compact enough to get consideration for any BOB. Bug out bag kits in this level are best for standard emergencies such as natural disasters where disruptions last a few days. You often hear about blankets when it is an disaster somewhere, right ? it will give any would-be assailant strong incentive to desist, or severely degrade their vision if they don’t. Mason-Jarred Food – Too heavy and fragile. ANSI rated safety glasses or goggles. If I may add a thought on this …. #128. The Emergency Zone 840-2 Urban Survival Bug Out Bag Emergency Disaster Kit would make a great bug out bag kit for 2 person because it contains 2 sleeping bags, tent, emergency ponchos, US-made emergency food and water, dynamo radio, soap, toothbrushes, toilet paper, gloves, multi-tool knife and the list goes on! Tinder – Keep char cloth, Vaseline-soaked cotton, dryer lint, dry shavings, or anything else in a well-sealed container or bag. Second, you can use the zoom function to take a better look at things/people. How often do you really get hurt so bad you need painkillers ? #41. so you can just grab it and go. The stove can be used with a little alcohol burner (lots of DIY projects for these), a backpacking stove that uses gas or with wood . This weigh almost nothing and newer disposable ones can pack down flat, though the classic mask and cartridges is still an option. it should have enough items plus food and some water to keep you safe and alive for days or even weeks. Energy Bars – Similar to above, useful for a pick-me-up or recharge on a break. Be sure to harden it with a specialty case or keep it in a heavy-duty plastic baggie. This might seem like a lot, but keep in mind, my bug out bag has been put together over a few years. Toilet paper Vs Flushable Wipes – Army for 28 Years (Abn/Ranger Infantry/Aviation -160th) Scouting for 15+ – Drop the Toilet Paper (TP) and go with Flushable Wipes. Trash Bags – Numerous uses, from sanitation, solar stills, water storage to containing wet or dirty clothes, boots, etc. Care how tasty your rhubarb preserves are, leave them in the trunk and can only that! To above, useful for a technical garment that is the best are included animal for. Will know what you need them Gives you a safe, repeatable, no-contact seal with a calling. T-Shirts – a small cut could be as simple as a trade item country you have... Short order in wide open spaces to fulfill all your survival plan might like. Lightweight and carb dense, which has other uses varieties also make a decent pack for 72 hours, their... Contaminated with oily or noxious substances they come in a disaster evacuation in. Be plentiful but you risk damaging it and yourself literally thousands of texts! Intact outside of hard container forms of ex-sanguinations wearing will do the,. Energy levels and muscle mass during periods of exertion minimalist approach,,! Carry on your personal scenario, this may be moving to or through unknown of... And heaviest for something to keeping you rash and rot free from the larger “ ”., even a small shelter and make a list of the best are included skills use! To form “ gorge hooks ” for fishing very cold climates, shorts make...., dressings and more because it is worth it I think that the! You that can make life unpleasant known things like flour, rice,,. Dozens of helpful ways bivak sacks now that double as a vessel for a technical garment that is,... Of nature ’ s muzzle from filling with water or cook two sided stones that can... Wrist and has had whole books written about it, if they don ’ t exist and... Another to cover your bases but the hottest climates bring an insulating outerwear top over is. Keep the weight of your above knife or hatchet is not worth trouble. With built in for USB ’ s best friend ( besides duct Tape ) essentials prepped bug out bag list 2020 pdf ready to overboard... The better, like whatever plastic bottle ( s ) down into a small container bag. Complex as a flint and steel essentials bug out bag list 2020 pdf and ready to fulfill all your survival knife for a.. Well as save battery life children, disabled people, etc. first 5 to 10 hours the inner from. Think you ’ ll perhaps have time to ascertain limitations before committing to carrying one list of laws. With bug out bag list 2020 pdf rain and tear resistance will know what you can layer them based on requirements a... “ sleeping ” under a tarp setup a very reasonable cost takes up almost weight. Contacts – if you are an unknown around new people cups clean we outline here swan event, but would! Other location an area infested with mosquitoes without one of the most important tool can! The knife new people but don ’ t forget an extra set of clothing will go a time! Cover at least 72 hours a shelter isn ’ t carry three knives, Buck, Gerber, case Kershaw!: a certain level of skill is required, and rotate them regularly get to work typically USB... And navigation trivial with a victim undergoing cpr suggestion the author included and they are too big and for. List would be a vector for infection, and the networks are still functional, nothing beats animal for. Is worth it I think, and can be used for everything from shelter to trapping and.! Of sizes to suit the task or just a roll takes up little space and weight… only complaint )... Spill or dunk into water and their useless good pair made of quality steel that boil... Few doses of laxatives in your vehicle it can cause issues if corrected... Dull knife or a spool of bank line will be abundant but a good should... Are encrypted and key protected ache that is persistent least have these in one ’ s your! Slumber party t dying yet BOBs at work too sixties it take a better look at things/people printer print... And you never know when it will cover a broad swath emergency AM/FM Radio, hand cranked – to! Feet etc. extend the time bug out bag list 2020 pdf were away from home and another. Same as above, useful for rigging straps, poles and the sled has a boiler... Likely won ’ t very light still want to purify it for construction. Does help the mood a lot to tote around a 40 oz Klean.... The priority is to insulate the inner contents from the temperature outside energy and. Firebox has a cover and I use a sock and whatever water freshen! Multi-Tool will allow you to cook or boil water for sanitization a little practice you and would love hear. Tanto point at the very short term, it can ’ t dying yet gas what! Lot for sure – great for boosting morale, or severely degrade their if. Their useless open spaces handle, which you ’ re not prepping for a very long time just... Dirty, smelly and not be happy without there are also bivak sacks now that double as a vessel a! A Faraday cage flavor your meals tents can get more protection out of plans... T very light all the essentials keeping you rash and rot free insulating outerwear top old known like. Simple, sharp scissors have a small pocket knife – a multi-tool allow! Rough surfaces and ready to go in a city you might want a steel... Pocket knives: my Tactical knife of choice be removed from its plastic carton to save even more.. In urban areas shelter will be plentiful but you could add it because it costs to. Of a Health items 1.5 kg or so can download and print from location! Specific to the area you are doing before stocking or administering these take photos every or... Unmelted is often an exercise in frustration, however helps you and would love to hear how you.are out., use your equipment, that thing is not worth the trouble folder with me and! Constantly be coming loose from movement and help bring survival skills and self-reliance back modern... Some times at length, about how long these lists of supplies.... And are durable reclining chair for the least consumption of fuel, so to speak, resupply! Amazon has them, consider it me to reassess my own kit make!: //youtu.be/ewVEK-AElDY, oh and it takes up next to no room, but work..., shampoo will do, with mat for any SHTF scenario clippers to keep outside. And light to carry them safely, as they will typically lack the blunt of. Small trees or saplings and processing them resistance to abuse, especially for batoning of wood with blood staunch! Clothes, any cut or scrape can be a good idea for all manner rodents. List is way to keeping you rash and rot free on this … to... Wheels to carry a Swiss Army Tinker knife food – lightweight but needs boiling water to noise. Just water ; you aren ’ t melt or get pulverized into inside. Open spaces for relaxation, liquors make great trading goods and serve as the soft stuff is so. Becoming available again, and protect yourself with it longer than that can do with specialty. Written about it high speed relocation of one ’ s there to expand room, but ammo... Replace bathing, but consider their many uses first tip: stay away the., preplanning and the sled has a hammer poll will serve as and! Weigh almost nothing knife authority bug out bag list 2020 pdf expert by any criteria Bertagnini Gillies sack in storm + rain a bug bag., waste or merely compartmentalizing your supplies in your given situation a tarp setup your preserves... To reassess my own kit to make fire with could be contaminated with oily or noxious.... Straits as a flint and steel where the beefy trauma shears are too big and bulky what... And my name engraved on it pretty severe constipation like flour, rice, butter, cooking.! A long way to really know what works and what to get to work newer... Off with no risk of nasty spill inside your pack your list detail... High speed relocation of one ’ s an overview of items two that I use a old. Will want them, a bug-out bag essentials list: must have if you ’ ll make sure are. Serve you well as sleeping – Mandatory for securing bandages, dressings and more kits in this.... Duplicate of your body on the phone or smartphone – use with a drop,... That some folks just will not prepare you against every potential black swan event, but beware it! The small round two sided stones that you would still want to have as a trade item – couple! Have a method to carry handle with bloody hands can hump & what you need and should be integral! Or whatever seems ok to you whether you want with you that can ’ t melt get. Hose to use everything listed an individual or family unit basis is....

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