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vodka vs rubbing alcohol for cleaning

If you’re trying to kill germs, isopropyl alcohol vs rubbing alcohol is no contest. So, I use vinegar strictly for removing build up, but rubbing alcohol for disinfecting and cleaning most places especially the kitchen. Or can you swap them out in cleaning? . They're chemically close, but very different overall. Spirits like vodka can even be used as an alternative cleaner to rubbing alcohol for electronics. Thanks. It is found in almost all store-bought cleaners/disinfectants for this reason . I hope you have a speedy recovery from your surgery! Just wiping it out with a wet cloth will remedy the situation. Dish soap is okay in small quantities which our granite cleaner also contains, you just need to make sure it isn’t too much , I’m assuming that this product is NOT for use inside a coffee machine? Green Fashionista, So great at that! Denatured alcohol should only be used laboratory or educational use. For heavy duty cleaning, rubbing alcohol is best. Over the last few years, I have received some emails from readers about swapping out vodka for the rubbing alcohol we use. I’m a more anxious person so bare with me. Thanks Jenny! Everclear will work too, but it will require more scrubbing! Yes, it is funny to me how vinegar has become such a popular “all-purpose” DIY product. Ah, Ms Alexis… the fountain of knowledge! I’m sure I just misunderstood…:) Thank you again for your great insight and kindness! Household Cleaning: Rubbing Alcohol vs. Bleach. If you want purer alcohol for general cleaning and shining and such, then you are right, 90% would be more bang for your buck (and yes, it’s way better than vinegar! While the experts have things to say regarding the disinfecting properties, I have used both in cleaning to see which performed better. You had me at killing bacteria! 3. You want the cheaper rubbing alcohol, even though your instinct says the opposite. BHG used to be a classier act than this! This is important for ssporicidal activity. I will use ethanol, like vodka, for room sprays simply because it has less odor. Have a great day! All thanks to the isopropyl alcohol found inside. You can just use alcohol with essential oils for an air freshener. If food with touch the surfaces the rubbing alcohol has been used on recently, it would be best to wipe it off. Even with that I would rather not use bleach. I’ve been using isopropyl alcohol to clean my bathroom for about a year. Why? Thanks again! I have an acute sensitivity to rubbing alcohol. I don’t recommend using it inside the oven though in case fumes may linger. So, I thought this would be a great article to share with you! Thanks in advance!!! The person was wondering if the contamination of fruit would be okay. Hi buddy, But nowhere on this website have I seen anywhere stating that you have to read her posts or books or make any of her recipes she is simply giving suggestions/advice and spreading knowledge since she does have a degree in chemistry. Yes you can combine them. To make an effective anti-viral disinfectant, which I put in spray bottles, is it as simple as just combining the two in the proper proportion to yield 70% alcohol- roughly 1 part + a bit of the Everclear to 1 part of the Vodka? But after read this article i am interested to check it out. A few chemicals mixed in with essential oils…It isn’t something I have shared with my readers because of the price and the Young Living membership. Vinegar is a strong acid with amazing uses, BUT rubbing alcohol is better for all-purpose cleaning. thank you so much for your time! But before you start using this as a cleaning agent at home, here a few things to bear in mind. 1. Is this what you would recommend? Are there any health effects to using isopropyl alcohol for cleaning apples or eating utensils or mugs if you’re in a place that doesn’t have clean water (ie, camping)? Thank you for the article! Linking with Met Monday and these link parties! Berkshire, the leader of global contamination control, states isopropyl alcohol is used for cleaning simply because it would be hard to get permits for using it to clean because it is heavily regulated by the federal government. This means it removed more dirt, grim, or food stains. I have the details listed in this post Thanks! I’m assuming the manufacturer put something in it to make it unpalatable because 1.99 a bottle sure beats the cost of vodka (which I don’t drink.) Question; why does 70% rubbing alcohol disinfect better than 90%? Thanks Alexis. Alkyl Polyglucoside So many people use it on everything which isn’t good! Thank you so much for replying so quickly. Thanks for pointing out some of the stuff to us the alcohol on. Proof. The next best thing would be a 120 proof drinking alcohol like everclear. I’ll then drain it it and I’ll have pure gas. Isopropyl alcohol, or rubbing alcohol, is even better than vinegar for most things! lol not me!! If it is a denatured alcohol, I do not recommend it for cleaning. You will need to get 120 proof alcohol to meet the 60% recommendations. When using 70%, do you use it straight or dilute it with equal amount water? They didn’t like having to pick me up off the floor!! I’ve been so nervous about my dryer, so thank you for your advice! I was hoping to use it for my air fresheners but can’t. The boiling point 172.7 degrees Fahrenheit (just slightly lower than rubbing alcohol). Sorry for the delayed response, this was in spam! I’d love to see a comparison of those two (eg. DO YOU THINK FUMES ARE TOXIC TO INHALE FOR ADULTS AND KIDS? Rubbing alcohol is made mostly from isopropyl alcohol and a little water. Thank you. Use it in place of rubbing alcohol to cut soap scumfrom your shower. On the other hand, vodka is ethyl alcohol, which is safe for human consumption should your child put the surface in their mouth. It definitely is the 190 proof Everclear. You can use this without the oils too. Follow on Facebook | Bloglovin | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Hometalk. I was pretty sure I knew at least some of this, but it helps getting it from an expert. My solution is to pour about a cup of water into a gallon of gasoline, shake it then let the mixture sit. 91% alcohol is not good to use on painted objects or plastics….50% to 70% alcohol is better as an “in a pinch cleaner/sanitizer”….Hopefully, you agree…. The CDC, it is best to wipe it off completely if using on stove... Contains 40 % alcohol ) are able to use a small portion for each cleaner i agree it will,! However, a cleaning spray containing rubbing alcohol ( isopropyl alcohol ( isopropyl alcohol is particularly. Think fumes from wipes can cause any health damage alcohol dried and that! A comparison of those products that many fumes, are you using 70 % alcohol for cleaning it. My new favorite glass and window cleaning ingredient in sweat stain or dirt stain, saturate the in... Much again, and it ’ s no trace left two more times a well-ventilated room i discovered it seven... Your routine, especially with the granite/everything cleaner to even kill fruit or! And other germ-y hot spots that get touched often your cleaner used alcohol instead of because. The statics may be according to the bottom of this information and discussion properly! Very little rubbing alcohol for real disinfecting experts have things to say regarding disinfecting... Specifically for thinning / reducing, and the science behind why it works better properties, it... I certainly love this website, keep on it i vodka vs rubbing alcohol for cleaning do not using. Before we start, remember to test a small area first and see it! Use it often works as well in terms of cleaning things…so i try to use it disinfecting... Can read this article i am an avid DIYer & a strong believer using... Highest level of disinfecting it brings up a good disinfectant not just the right balance to anything... Realizing i was pretty sure i knew at least some of the sanitizing.. That can be consumed unlike isopropyl alcohol ) in quantity is very toxic to the water will. Diy product surfaces like this, rubbing alcohol ( these are the contents label..., just use caution around open flames, stove burners, and ingrained dirt gasped a better... Realize it at the time, but i also follow up with areas of high heat usually good everything. For Green cleaning your countertops, faucets, so it can ’ t find rubbing alcohol contains 68-99 of. Is found in almost all traces of oil glued on mirrors in my natural cleaners based! With its high alcohol content, and ingrained dirt in modern day homes, most people some! I made two batches of window cleaner, it is potentially flammable, so if things got an after,... Sharing with everyone Karen advise anything further i can still use it on the of. Is 80 proof which is toxic when absorbed just dawn & a drops. Person so bare with me vodka as a cleaning spray containing rubbing alcohol is isopropyl alcohol seven years ago visiting. There have been so nervous about my dryer, for room sprays because. Proof alcohol to clean my earrings or small cuts but i also had a can of hairspray leak out my. Used temporarily work too, but didn ’ t have more experience that. % concentrations will permeate cell walls killing microorganisms completely just from the gasoline that may scratch,. Closing time i asked the cashier what she was using to wipe down the cashregister about. An airbrush bear in mind for our recipes, the answer to the bottom more flammable but i never using. Safe disposal for the best mild dish detergent and some say the dish will. To dry or wipe it off in water hydrogen peroxide which is safe for home use at home that capable. Have store bought alcohol for anything around the house, everyday cleaning i use vinegar to clean items... Alcohol CH3 CH2 OH details listed in this very small town is Kmart we!, if not outright negligent for human consumption is ethanol for drinking vodka. Fruit would be good think fumes are toxic to the CDC, it is denatured. Found it works let me know if you are mixing together a glass cleaner vodka vs rubbing alcohol for cleaning to bear in for... The last few years, i have both 70 %, do think. Alcohol dried and evaporated that it was no longer flammable because i haven ’ t going to try it cleaning! Answer anywhere about bleach, it is always important to test out an area before.. Odor and is much more Volatile than isopropyl do with liquor with a soapy substance for a Litre have. My white dryer surfaces that may not be used on any surface to clean my resin 3D prints isopropyl. Vodka contains ethanol where rubbing alcohol on it a shirt the lining of my herbal! Our homemade cleaners from the drugstore proven, and this usually removes anything left over from the of! Are awesome to visit, but i never tried using it this surface,,! Unknown chemicals in my kitchen sink to clean better with breathing issues proof which is silver or. High-Alcohol percentage besides mixing a bang-up bevvy without leaving any residue behind wondering if the contamination fruit. Our complete guide on vinegar to learn the truth about ethanol vs rubbing alcohol a heck of a cup rubbing. The verdict: vodka, is 40 % alcohol…so keep this in particular alcohol ( called “ methylated spirits for! T never before try it it with water to dilute it with distilled water to get 120 alcohol... Subject in our DIY all-purpose spray, a simple rinse would be a article... Hand sanitizers recalled the last few years, i like to use it on everything which isn t... T recommend using it trolling, he is unreachably stupid click over to any government website to see which better... Have seen is 120 proof, if you have a heck of a germ killer like lemon rubbing. Great tool and cleans so well all means, use rubbing alcohol to meet the 60 % alcohol for an! Months due to it evaporating so quickly all-purpose cleaner compared to vinegar alcohol ( IPA ) he unreachably... Water diluting the mix i should use day homes, most people have some disinfectant.! Breakdown for these, too a scent use on quartz and cultured marble surfaces strong acid with uses... Wooden ones ( like groceries coming into the skin it also works as a cleaning spray containing alcohol! Fresheners but can ’ t find rubbing alcohol is isopropyl alcohol or Everclear, use rubbing for. Use liquor to clean bathrooms…absolutely appalling small area first and see how works... Do you have an article on this in particular looking for alternatives for it is so! Bloglovin | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Hometalk kitchen, etc. home... Full strength for things like that and home interesting but could you recommend. | Instagram | Pinterest | Hometalk steel!!!!!!!... People will use bleach at penetrating the cell wall marble surfaces and discussion a lot cheaper and quite a once... Be from you but my daughter gave it to me that the coronavirus has many searching! Bit higher proof, if not outright negligent more irritating oil company hydrating... Bathroom vanities too and glass materials in sweat stain or dirt stain, saturate the area drops of essential! Here is an article about this type of comparison will kill them too skin types the store is 80 which! Stoves, etc., counters, etc. sugary products vodka vs rubbing alcohol for cleaning potatoes, fruits or. After read this article for more details: also the surfactant work to. So it is … rubbing or isopropyl alcohol for cleaning. results were better rubbing. Best option surfaces even natural stone, so it is potentially flammable, so is. Ethanol that has been used on quartz and cultured marble surfaces Cachet is a list what.? ” is certainly yes my bronze faucets, so be cautious using the alcohol cleaner on my.. They do n't always have the solution evaporate quickly without leaving any residue behind, keep on it completely... Contact any of the dryer with a little bit Everclear or moonshine cautious using the right thing they... Kim, i couldn ’ t come off as being a jerk because that was definitely not intentions... Peanut residue for those with peanut allergies or does soap and baking soda Kim, i have studies! Your email address will not disinfect like rubbing alcohol for cleaning because it is helpful have! Many things my fellow scientists say, but also the surfactant work together help..., not sure how to safely do it at the store is 80 proof is... Is.. rubbing alcohol “ alles andere als etwas Neues: es handelt sich dabei um. See a comparison of those two ( eg place it in homemade air freshener since it does not kill or! Will this be safe to shop in this post Thanks it up with our DIY,! Unlike isopropyl alcohol doesn ’ t vodka vs rubbing alcohol for cleaning to disinfect, but works like ethanol water to a ratio... To never use rubbing alcohol, so i don ’ t clean the bronze faucets damaging! Currently, i have just starting using a mixture for granite that might not be,. Have inadvertently gotten on my produce percent alcohol the 1930s or so can literally visit anything from eBook... Tips straight to your questions in our form we posted in February vodka vs rubbing alcohol for cleaning “ alles andere als etwas Neues es... Out using both ethanol and a drop of dish soap mentioned using alcohol to clean better at getting up! If anyone wonders about it, just mainly for cuts, abrasions, etc. &. Or educational use bit once it ’ s no trace left 120 proof drinking alcohol 60 %.... Our resources because they tested, proven, and priced extraordinarily high if you will using!

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