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Title: Character Trait: Diligence Author: Computer Lab 14 Last modified by: Computer Lab 14 Created Date: 5/24/2011 4:41:00 PM Other titles: Character Trait: Diligence Welcome to the 8th study in my Character Study series based on Diligence. (Click on the image or link below to download a pdf of this study.) he shall stand before […] 12 Rejoice in hope; be patient in affliction; be persistent in prayer. These look great, thanks! Explain that a character trait describes the behavior or attitude of a person, and that one could be used to describe anyone in the classroom. So if responsibility is knowing your duty and doing it, then diligence is doing your best at your duty. Diligence is an important character trait to teach your kids. Character First Education Qualities Elementary The Character First elementary curriculum presents timeless character traits in a bold, fresh manner. May Diligence CHARACTER TRAIT OF THE MONTH K O S C I U S K O S C H O O L D I S T R I C T. Title: Copy of Rules Author: Chancey Fort Keywords: DADdTkgUDqo,BAB7I-621oY … Famed educator Booker T. Washington recalled the “entrance exam” that earned him a place at the Hampton Institute in Virginia as a young man. Kid's Character Challenge - Week 7 - Patience - … Diligence refers to being persistent and making hard work effort in doing something. Give it your best shot. This Cesar Chavez resource spotlights the character trait of DILIGENCE while featuring Cesar Chavez's life. Parents use it as a help for family devotions with their children. As we transition to a new year it is important to remember that we need to continue to be diligent! You may need to Diligence Romans 12:11, 12 (HCSB) - Do not lack diligence; be fervent in spirit; serve the Lord. Leaving things better than you found them reflects diligence. Homeschool families use it as a Character Curriculum. Diligence requires our being to be determined to finish the course, whatever it may be, with our best effort, whatever it may take. Diligence is a wonderful character trait to have when homeschooling. Each page focuses on one character trait with quotes from famous people and relevant Bible verses. This character study is designed to illustrate this character trait using verses, stories, consequences of sin and blessings of obedience found through out the Bible. Character Trait: Diligence “But Noah found favor in the eyes of the Lord. These books about diligence are a resource to help you as you are working on the character development of your children. If we could give an answer to what diligence is, we might say that diligence is a trait of character that allows people to do their best for God with excitement and passion to complete their work. How The Character Journal Is Used by Others. Nisly Brothers Character Core for January is Diligence, read this blog to improve your diligence. - Samuel Johnson. There are fifteen different character trait copywork pages, each with numerous quotes. That’s where the next character trait, diligence, comes in. Box 593 | Orangeburg, SC 29116 US (803) 534-6821 Below each question are examples of responses. Character Moments for Families – Fairness January 1, 2021 Character Moments Fairness Families Below are three easy ideas to stimulate family conversation and activity to explore character concepts, aligned with your child’s school PACE character education program. Diligence Persistence is strongly associated with a character trait known as conscientiousness whereby an individual takes their duty and role seriously. Traits of other characters can viewed in the character window when clicking on them. Definition ... Posted in character training, Hero Training, kids activities and tagged character building, character training, diligence, kids activities, kids bible study, kids character building. Character Trait Diligence, Hard Work. It helps show that our whining and complaining aren’t glorifying to God. It’s been said that diligence grows out of responsibility. 2 Comments Hero Training! Each day you will learn a verse, read a story where this sin is illus-trated, then discuss the consequences of this … Character Trait of the Month: Diligence "What we hope to do with ease, we must learn first to do with diligence." Diligence. In January, the entire school will be focused on DILIGENCE! So here, from our Good Character for Kids series, is how to teach diligence to your kids: 1. The character trait of diligence is defined as investing time and energy to complete each task and finish it well. Keep On Keeping On: Be Diligent. Orangeburg County Community of Character | P.O. And after three weeks of break, it is going to take some diligence from all of us to get back into the rhythms of school. Diligence is a very far reaching character trait–one that is instilled at an early age and continues through every phase of our lives. June 1, 2018 June 25, 2018 Kandra Stukenborg. Noah, Abraham, Joseph, John the Baptist and others show us how to practice diligence. Might take a week, might take a lifetime, but we must be there, committed Oct 25, 2013 - Character Quality: Diligent Diligence is what separates the men from the boys. Are looking for something to help you improve your diligence? That may be a sprint, it may be a marathon. There is a daily limit of 500 EXP per day for each trait (excluding Charm, with a daily limit of 5,000). A diligent job is a job well-done. The opposite of DILIGENCE is LAZINESS, doing a task poorly or not at all. There are six types of Traits - Ambition, Insight, Empathy, Willpower, Diligence and Charm. Bringing Character to Light Character Trait of the Month Respect September Recognizing, considering and properly honoring the worth of one’s self and others Responsibility October ... Diligence March Persistence, dedication and hard work Trustworthiness April Pastors use it teaching Godly character to their congregations. The following are illustrative examples: Responsibility Responsibility is the duty to do something. In the Bible, diligence is applying constant effort toward reaching a goal. Traits can be leveled up from 1 to 100. This is the account of Noah. Learn more about this month's character trait. It is differentiated for your high, mid, and lower level students. But if we choose to be diligent in our work, we’ll reap the benefits as well as be a good witness for the Lord! 8 Examples of Diligence ... Diligence is the level of attention and care that you dedicate to your work or interests. ... Will you always post the new character trait study for the week, so we can print it? Such people obey God in practice which is seen in the results of their work. Actively practicing diligence may be one of the more difficult to master because its application literally applies in every aspect of our waking hours. When you are diligent, you have a better chance at completing your goals! It’s the hallmark of maturity. top » talent » character traits » diligence. It sure takes diligence to stick to your New Year’s resolutions. A Character study: Diligence. AWANA groups have used it as helps for the club teachers focusing on a different character quality each month. ; Give an example: If someone has a character trait of being persevering,he doesn't give up when things get hard. Character Education: Responsibility Pre­teach: Reacquaint yourself with the students and tell them which trait you will be discussing today. DILIGENCE is pursuing a task until it is finished well.

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